Glock VS SIG? Winner is?


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I shot my Buddy's new Gen 4 Glock 23 today. That thing has a learning curve of a few hundred rounds. The trigger makes you pull low left(right hand.)

I did own a Gen 4 23, but never really shot it(sold it for extra cash for my SIG P229.)

That being said his had the large back strap on and it didn't really fit my hand. After 50-100 I did get the hang of the "Glocks trigger".

But it hurt my hand because of the large back strap and wasn't much fun to shoot.

Now my SIG P229 has over 1000+ rounds through it now and I'm getting really good with it(no where near as good a shot as Hick Cock 45 is.)

I buy small targets(about 12" splatter targets." I train to put all the rounds inside that 12". Knowing that a human chest is bigger then that, so if need be I know I could land all my shots inside the chest area.

Now that I've got that down for the most part, I'm not adding in grouping. Landing all my shots inside that 12" target and no more then 1"-1 1/2" apart from each other.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I use to outright suck with a handgun, I'm a long gun man. In years past I would have had a better chance of hitting you with a handgun. If I took the bullets and threw them at my target.

I the credit to the SIG it's such an amazing firearm. I hear people ***** about the weight all the time. Is it heavy? Yes, but the weight really helps with recoil and follow up shots.

I felt the snap of the recoil far more with the light weight G23.

I did just buy a G23 gen4 for my wife, so I'm in no way knocking the Glocks...

I have the same problem. I have a gen 3 glock 19 and a 229. I prefer the glock for carry cause of the smoother lines and lack of hammer. I find transitioning from trigger to trigger not that bad.
I've carried a Sig P226 in 9mm, An old Browning BDA.45 (Think P220 with mag release on the butt) And 1911's. I do like the consistency of the Glock triggers. I also liked to carry a S&W M29 and 686. The answer is to practice, practice, PRACTICE! The Sheriffs Dept I was with was "Officer Optional". Made yearly Qual's fun!
I'm a Sig purest. I carry the stealth Sig (Also know as the bastard child) P2022 in 9mm. I started my LEO career carrying a wheel gun, then went to Colt 45. Been instructing for 12 years now, and the choices in firearm technology are mind boggling. I pretty much have had the opportunity to shoot some of the custom guns (Wilson & Kimber etc.), but refuse to pay an arm and a leg. I've shot some very good high quality budget guns (S&W Sigma 9mm and my everyday carry the P2022). There are a lot of fine guns out there that are ignored because people want the flavor of the month. I equate it to tools (which a gun is) which some will go for high dollar Snap On/MAC tools, or just get the one (Craftsman) with no bells and whistles.
I have several Glock Gen 4 guns and a Sig P229. I love them all. :)

Th Glock 19 is a perfect weapon for conceal carry. The Sig 229 is almost brand new - I have put around 100 rounds through it so far.

I do love my Sig as it a lot of fun to shoot. That does not mean that I don't like the Glock. The only thing about the Glock is the aggressive pattern on the weapon which is hard on my hands. I am looking at getting a cover of some sort to fix that or use gloves while shooting.
I haven't gotten into the collector mindset when it comes to firearms, so my choice is based on what is the simplest to maintain, something that I don't need a gunsmith to tweak or even fix, reliable when its called for and remains reliable past the point of thousands of rounds being expelled through it.

Whenever I get a chance to shot a weapon that is not my weapon of choice, I tend to fall in love with its ability to fire a round down range. Once it misfires because it gets a little dirty, reacting to a scenario causes me to forget to operate the safety that's where my love affair ends.

My buddy and I take his P226 and my G17 out to the range all of the time. I even considered buying a Sig, until I consider the aforementioned criteria. It's like the difference between a Chevy and a Ford, no one is better, just a matter of choice.

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