glock troubles

Thank you! it is a pleasure to see a post from someone with knowledge of his weapon. A malfunction can cost you your life so there's no excuse for not knowing the inner workings of your weapon. The Glock is a ' user friendly' tool, you can buy from any number of after market dist.I love DIY work- then I know its done rite. Thanx again Punch!

I started this thread a long time ago, and since then Glock has "redesigned" the mag followers. I contacted them, Sept 2011 and told them I had 3 mags, all Glock mags. and they sent me 3 new followers for free. The problem had not occurred in a while, however I didn't want to take any chances. Kudos to Glock for standing behind their product and sending me these parts, no questions asked...they didn't even require me to return the old parts. I now also own a Gen4 G36....Not a single issue with that one. Bolth will digest anything I put in them, as a Glock should!
I have experienced the same issue with my new G23 Gen 3. Would anyone know if my Gen 3 would have the older magazine type that would need the updated part?

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