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Just wanted to share some interesting of customers today was a manager at the Glock Factory here in Smyrna Ga. We were talking about the gun business and he stated that Obama is his best customer, they are selling 60k + guns per month with no slow down in sight. That's unbelievable. :yes2:

Does that mean those sales numbers are a result of our Kenyan prez's office, or are those sales TO his administration's goons?

Sorry, there's just no hiding my contempt for the socialist dork. (I'm not sorry either).

The election has certainly stimulated the firearms and ammo industry - but is that what you mean?
Obama good for firearms industry??

this president has indirectly brought forth an ammunition shortage like never seen before. With ammo prices going through the roof and store shelves of what was ammunition product completly depleted, must make this administration laugh themselves silly. Why worry about anti-gun ownership laws when you have the ammo situation such as it is.
No, Obama has not been good for the gun industry.
I'm pretty sure it's not an accident or coincidence. Of course, there's no shortage of reasons offered up to explain this incredible simple, yet highly effective anti-gun measure - but it is what it is.

If I were the manufactuer/distributor of the hottest selling product on the face of the planet during economic hard times, sure - I'd just let the demand pile up and not meet it with supply... sure. :sarcastic:

What I meant is that for the gun companies they are having a field day, yes. But in the long run when the ammo gets crazier with the prices and the shortages, I believe that the firearms sales will go down. What is the point in buying a gun when there is no affordable ammo to shoot with. I do not believe that people will keep up their enthusiasm as far as going into dept for a firearm purchase then play the disappearing ammo game.
The anti-gun zealots are watching this unfold and are no doubt amused with the alarmist activity going along within the firearms owning community. I mean with the ammo hoarding and such. While on the subject, it is my belief that people are so busy hoarding and worrying about the ammo supply, the amount of recreational shooting is no doubt on the down trend.

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