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Hi I am interested in a Glock .40 long slide anyone have any 411 on this?:pleasantry:


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What you want to know ? I carry a model 22 about 20 hours a day 7 days a week
In concealed fashion and most everyone is non observent to the fact I have my
Glock on me, I carry A.I.W.B. Plus there is a barrel mod so you can shoot 9mm
without voiding warrentee and do this to shoot I.D.A.P. matches


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Glock 22 rules, and in the kingdom are slightly lesser Glocks in .40 who live in the Glock 22's castle. Most all others, with exception of some XDM's, live with the peasants in the kingdom's fields. (See what happens when you've worked in the heat all day and hit the keyboard before your 1st Boston Lager? Huh, ya see?)


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Say, n4sxx, I see your signature in that a body piercing saved your life. I visited your profile and no explaination there. Care to divulge?


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You're referring to the Glock 22 which is the best in my opinion. I bought one myself and love it. Only problem Ive ever had is the result of a bad magazine. Glock calls it the US Law enforcement pistol because its the most widely used gun among police agencies. You also cant beat the 15+1 magazine capacity in .40


Ya'll are talking G22 but when I hear long slide I think about the G35 - am I missing something here?


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Hi I am interested in a Glock .40 long slide anyone have any 411 on this?:pleasantry:

I didn't until this past Saturday. I got my hands on a Glock 24! All thanks to a student that brought one to a CCW class. It appears to be the same as the 17L, just in a .40 S&W. Price should be similar to the 17L. A local shop told me last month that the 17L is only produced every 3 years or so, how much of that is true I cannot confirm.

It shot quite well, though I was disappointed that the snappy recoil of the .40 was not off-set by the added muzzle-end weight of that extended slide. It's still a 40 in all respects.

So, if you're looking for something along those lines I'd suggest the Glock 35 or 24 as options in the .40S&W.

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