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Being new to this forum,i`m not sure if this question has been asked before,but i am curious to know how many members own a glock handgun and what your overall opinion is of them.I know on some gun forums if you just mention the word glock they want to burn you at the cross.I have heard both good and bad about them,mostly bad(not saying i agree with the bad opinions)i guess because of all the cops that have shot themselves with their service weapons,but i am interested in actual owners opinions.

I carry the model 30 (.45)

I have fired them in the past, thought them nice, and reliable, which is why I purchased one for a carry weapon. I would, and will purchase another in the future. They are reliable and accurate.

Everyone has thier own personal opinions upon what is the best weapon.

In my opinion, if there is a range nearby that lets you rent, try a few out and come to your own conclusions on what you prefer. If not, find some friends w/ a variety. Gun owners are usually more than willing to share if you are considering. I know I am that way at the range, and have met many people at the range that feel the same way.
I have a 27 and a 33. I bought them just to have a Glock. I've been around a lot of Glocks but have never been impressed with them. I just don't like the feel of them. I keep going back to my 1911, Kahr PM9 or my Kel-Tecs. It's just me!
I'd like to try one. I think the light trigger might make it great for target shooting. Another polymer pistol I'd like to try is the new Steyr pistol.
Glocks are like an ak47 lose and reliable not as fun and maybe not as refined as a 1911. I feel most ad are just that. The more people with one type of firearm the more injured with it. I own both 1911 and glock mostly keltec 9mm .I don't want one of my guns taken away.
Glocks aren't my favorite weapon, mainly because of their weight distribution. They just feel awkward in my hand, and I can't get a good sight picture holding one. Same thing with the Springfield XD line. I'm also from the school of thought that the more "features" something has, the more likely one is to break and cause the equipment to fail. I'm sure that Glock's reliability is paramount, but I just get paranoid that one of those 9 or so safety features that it has will hang up.....but that's just me being paranoid.
I recently bought a .40 caliber gun for concealed carry. I had it narrowed down to a Glock 23 and a S&W M&P .40c. I ended up getting the Smith because the ergonomics were much better for me, it just felt right in my hand where the Glock didn't.

I have a lot of friends who are Glock fans and they love their guns. I have shot many of them and they are accurate and they all seem to have a good trigger on them. They have to be reliable as hell or else they wouldn't be the duty guns of so many police dept.'s around the country.

I would take the advise of the poster above and go rent one if you can and make your own determination about any gun you are considering. Don't take our word for anything. You know what they say about opinions right.

After having had a few Glocks, I no longer favor them as I once did. They are a well built, accurate firearm and in fact I still do have one, but I personally became very uncomfortable carrying a Glock and switched back to a Sig.

I don't preach for or against them but to me they are inherently unsafe. I know all the pros and cons and that is the decision I have reached. (Save the flaming guys, I don't care!)

It’s all about what you like and are proficient with and not what someone else likes.
I’ll bet that’s why there are so many different handguns out there eh? ;)
I like mine. We have two 27's . . . mine's stock, but hers is equipped with a laser sight [LaserMax]. They'll shoot 10's and X's all day long at 25 yards, so my confidence is high that they'll meet my accuracy need, at least, if I have to 'take the shot'. I'm a .45 fan, for sure, but the Glocks are nice to have, too.

I have held a glock thirty and i liked the way it felt in my hand,but have never shot one as of yet.I believe i will go to one of the local ranges and rent one to see how it shoots,but i have definately been considering buying one.One of my sons friends owns one of the 40 caliber glocks and my son has shot the gun on several occasions and liked it a lot.He said it was very accurate and they are supposed to be able to go through just about anything and still fire a round everytime you pull the trigger.I would try that gun,but unfortunately they are 1500 miles from here.

I don't preach for or against them but to me they are inherently unsafe.

Sarg,i am curious to hear your resaons why you believe them to be unsafe.If you don`t want to list them open forum,P.M. me if you don`t mind.I really would like to hear your reasons.
All guns are unsafe if not used right,saw is a hammer ,chain saw and cars. I still don't want one of most prize positions taken away when used to protect. Glocks and keltec are half the price of my 1911.
Had a G26 but sold it. Never had any problems with it, but it just never felt "right" in my hand and I could never shoot it very well. I initially bought it when I first started thinking about concealed carry because it was a really small semi-auto. When I first bought it, it felt a little odd in my hand, but I convinced myself that I could get used to that. Never did. I have shot a G19 once and it seemed OK, so maybe it was just the small size of the 26. Anyway, I have nothing against Glocks. They seem to be really reliable and lots of guys swear by 'em, but I'm happy with my CZ's at the moment.
I am not a Glock fan. I am sure they are very reliable guns. I just personally don't care for them. My brother has several of them and really likes them. I found them uncomfortable to hold. The only one I have ever shot was a baby glock. Every few rounds it would lock open for no reason with several different people shooting it. A smith took it apart and changed the locking mechanism for it. It still did it. I am sure this is an unusual case. If I found one I liked I would consider buying it. They are just not my favorite.
I have had a Glock 21 in .45 caliber for awhile and then traded it in on the new slimline Glock 36 in .45 caliber, as it fits my hand a lot better that the Glock 21. Have had 1911 handguns, but switched to the Glock for realibality after the 1911 failed on me during qualification on two seperate occasions. Now if Crimson trace would hurry up and make the laser sight for the Model 36, I would be a very happy camper. Top point to consider, the only thing that matter in selection of a handgun is what works best for you!:D
I personally have never had a problem with a glock. I have several CCW's and one of them is a Glock 19. While not as finely tuned as a Sig or as easy on the eyes as a 1911, it serves it's purpose for CCW, especally in the Southern states during summer when I can just tuck it in my waistband and go. With my other, more expensive firearms, I worry about sweat and rust. With the glock 19, I don't worry about it. And it is half way decent close range gun.
Sarg,i am curious to hear your reasons why you believe them to be unsafe.If you don`t want to list them open forum,P.M. me if you don`t mind.I really would like to hear your reasons.

JC40, I'll answer your question at the risk of opening a can of worms. :eek:

A good friend of mine, who is a career police officer and now CCW instructor, witnessed another experienced officer accidentally shoot himself in the thigh with a Glock 23. He is lucky to be alive and will never walk normally again.

It was winter and he was wearing a jacket with a draw string at the waist with those barrel type string keepers. As he holstered his weapon, apparently that barrel keeper found it's way in to the trigger guard so as he pressed the weapon in to the holster his Glock fired.

Being told about that incident from a first hand witness started me thinking about what I consider now to be a dangerous aspect of the Glock design and what I also consider a safety hazard. No safety other than that trigger which is too easily defeated!

I'm sure there are those who will read this who will want to jump in and attack the shooter etc. etc. Again, I am posting this as a courtesy to JC40's request. NOT to debate the issue. I simply no longer feel safe carrying a Glock... that's just me. I still have a Glock 27 but am very likely going to sell it as I never carry it anymore.

So JC40, there ya have it bro! ;) ~ Sarge
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Thanks sarge.I appreciate your honesty and reply to my question.I can see where that would lead you to your opinion of glock handguns and that is a very reasonable conclusion on your part.
Those kind of stories are, I feel for the most part are a bunch of crap! You can shoot your self with any kind of gun. I remember years ago before 1911s became popular, when ever any one who was not informed would see it being carried in the cocked and locked fashion, would be scared sh%tless, and scream YOU ARE GOING TO SHOOT YOUR SELF carrying like that. Glocks are as safe as any firearm out there, I own several models of Glocks, but I don't carry them very much, only because I am to lazy to try to cover them up, when I can just stick my Kel Tec P11 in my belt and roll! So don't let horror stories scare you off from buying one, If it fits you and you like it go for it! Rest assured they are fine weapons, recognized world wide

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