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Bill Amsden

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I like shooting .45acp and 1911's, my latest firearm purchase is a G36. I had been wanting to get my hands on one for more than six months and just haven't seen them in the LGS's I frequent. That is until last Friday. Went to the range to renew my membership and saw this G36 in the display case and I inquired. It was slightly used I was told. The previous owner had had some stifling done on the grip, a sunburst in fact which I really liked. I asked to handle it and it was love at first grip. I was told that the previous owner said he didn't like it because it was more firepower than he expected or could handle. I had already looked up reviews and videos and nothing I saw scared me so I told the guy I would take it. Went to the range today at lunch time to try it out. Only took 100 .45 acp and 100 9mm for my G26 which is usually my EDC. I was very pleased that the G36 handled exactly the way I expected. Very first shot was a bullseye as were the first rounds out of each magazine. The following shots never exceeded a four inch group and believe me I get excited when I can maintain those kinds of groups and fire as quickly as I did. My personal opinion of the G36 is that it is probably not for everyone certainly but it is a good shooting pistol. Very little muzzle flip for me anyways, all the force was straight back into my hand. I will say that at 88 rounds I was debating not shooting the last two mags because my hand was telling me it had enough partly because of the stifling but more so the .45acp but I did. I was just shooting WWB ammo and will take some home defense and HP rounds on the next range visit to see what it does before it is put into my EDC rotation. Very Happy. Been trying to insert a picture and having trouble, oh well, it's a Glock we all know what they look like.


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Howdy Bill,

Cool beans!

The G36 is on my list of Glocks to buy.

I have a G20, G21SF, G23 and a G35. I also have a 40-9mm conversion barrel and a Ceiner .22LR kit for my G23.

I also need the new G41.


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