GLOCK 36 vs. M & P .45


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i had my heart set on a glock 36 .felt real nice in the hand , small enough to should always measure twice & cut i have been browsing around & along comes the S & W m & p .45 .fit is even better , feels real good.i'm getting real tired of wanting to own so many guns.we got a nice collection now.what is one to do ?

Both are fine choices, so if you can't shoot em both, go with the M&P (and I only say that because you say it feels better in your hand), though really it's an apples to oranges comparison as one is a compact and the other isn't.
I assume you are talking about the M&P45c, since you are comparing to a Glock 36.
It depends on your preference. According to the technical specs, the S&W is about 3/8" longer and about 6 oz. heavier (unloaded). Although the capacity of the S&W sports an extra 2 rounds over the Glock. If you are a fan of lasers or lights, go with the S&W because the Glock doesn't have a rail on it. My experience with the M&P pistols is a good one. They seem reliable and well built. Of course, anyone with experience with Glocks will probably tell you the same about Glocks though. I carry a Glock 36 everyday, and I couldn't be happier. Deffenetly shoot them both if you can.


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S&w m p 45

i own the full size M&P 45, no problems with carry, I have a Looper IWB holster. 2 inch group at 21 ft is also not bad. I'd go with the S&W MP 45. adjustable grip size .
Glockster20's advice is good. Or if you prefer the opinions of others to forming your own, just mentally substitute "M&P" for "XD" every time it occurs in this cartoon:

YouTube - GLOCK vs XD

Just kidding, but it is hilarious.

God, ain't it the truth. That little cartoon says it all.I've had guys whine for weeks over what gun to purchase and this websites says this and this forum says........... DAMN IT!!!! Do some basic research and buy the damn gun you want. Who cares if the XD, Glock, M&P or H&K has this or that or "blows up for no apparent reason" on the internet. Buy one and shoot the damn thing for cryin' out loud!
i agree with all said. it's just so fun to post this shit & see what happens.anyone whom wud let the internet peeps & forum members form their opinion is just plain silly. of course i wud shoot both models & then some.
i think this gun vs. that gun is fun to read & that's about it.
just as sad as some peeps think that knowing how many & what guns a person owns is a private matter , SO WHAT , WHO CARES WHO KNOWS HOW MANY PIECES I HAVE.ya, ya , yaaaaaaa, there might be some BG troll lurking,.GIVE ME A BREAK.
BTW====== i am getting the SMITH & WESSON, we already have another glock in my home. OOOOOPS, sorry , that is private info , MY BAD.

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