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Patrick Shearer

O.K., so I'm considering a Glock 36. My friend has one he'd like to sell me for $450, only 50 rounds fired through it. How does this Glock match up to all others in your opinion? Any bad reviews? It's a nice piece and despite the 50 rounds through it, it's like buying new. Is it good for EDC/concealed carry? Any misfeed issues? What's the recoil like on that compared to other .45 semi autos? Thanks!


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I have one and I love it. I ordered mine fitted with factory night sights, and I carry it in a FIST kydex IWB holster. I have had no issues with any ammo that I have shot through it, and recoil is fully manageable unless you have a physical disability that would affect your wrist or hand. It is becoming my favorite hot weather gun since it is so slim that I can hide it underneath almost anything. If I don't particularly care if someone knows that I am armed, I carry the larger Glock 30SF or Glock 21SF (depending on the situation).


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I had a 36, and loved everything about it, except the capacity. The recoil is surprisingly low, and it liked everything I fed it, excluding Williams Factory reloads.

In the end, the appeal of 10+1. rounds won me over, and I traded the 36 for the 30.

The 36 is a fine weapon. Very easy to conceal, and a caliber all other handgun ammo wants to be when it grows up;-)


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I've had my G36 for just about a year and I love it. It's my favorite gun in the summer; I live in Las Vegas. I have a CCW permit and its very comfortable in the summer, its always with me in a Crossbreed holster. Some people may dislike the fact that it only holds 6 + 1 rounds, but for self-defense purposes and carrying one or two extra magazines, I feel that's more than enough fire power to get you out of trouble.

I love the the USA Carry forum, but the final decision in choosing an EDC firearm should you up to you. When ever someone asks the question about their favorite firearm you'll get about a hundred different answers. Pick the firearm that you feel most comfortable shooting and carrying; then just practice and practice at the range and drawing the firearm.

Good luck and always obey your local laws and carry daily.


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I have had my 36 for about 2 years. It is my every day carry piece. Cannot compare to other 45's as I have not shot any. The 36 fits my hands well, conceals well, recoil is very manageable and have had no issues using quality ammo.

Patrick Shearer

The G36 seems to be a very durable, good quality gun. I have fired one but, as for reliability, I'm glad to hear good things about it. I'm picking it up tomorrow and thanks for the comments on holsters. I'll need a good one.


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Glock 36 is my everyday carry and I love it. Even in Florida heat it conceals well. No problems and I do not worry about the 6+1 capacity. If you can't get the job done with 7 rounds, practice more.


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I love my G36. I've been carrying mine for about 3 years. I plan to buy another one because I like to carry in pairs.

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