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I figured I'd be able to find all sorts of holsters for this gun, seeing as how it's Glock, but that's not the case. I found a standard Fobus but nothing in Fobus or Blackhawk with active retention and nothing at all in the tactical category to accept a rail mounted light. Is the Glock 30 a new model?

Not a new model at all. I've got a number of holsters for mine but none with active retention. It isn't something that I have wanted for concealed carry, though I think it is absolutely necessary for open carry. :victory:
Maybe the G30 takes the same holster as some of the other models. A lot of the popular holster manufacturers list every Glock but the G30.
I figured out today that the G30 will take the same holster as the G21. I'll try those link though. Thanks.
I have noticed that many of the Glock 30 holsters will also work for the Glock 30 SF. I just need Crimson Trace to make a laser for the SF.
When I bought my 30SF the dealer tried to sell me a crimson trace grip laser. I wasn't interested, so I'm not sure if he would have actually found one. Wouldn't be the first time I met an uniformed sales person. You're right about the holsters. 30 and 30SF take the same holster.
I have a Galco Jack Ass shoulder rig that I use for my G30 and love it. I also have a Fobus. I have run into the same issues as far as availability at my local gun stores. However, if you check out the Galco website, I am sure you will find a hoilster for your G30 with at least a thumb break. You also might want to check out Safariland holsters, used by Law Enforcement.

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