Glock 30 and 30 SF


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Anyone have comparsion pics of the two so I can see the difference.
I stopped at my local gunshop today and all he had was a mdl 30.I have small hands but the 30 felt pretty nice.

a pic will not show the 3mm decrease in size of the grip. the sf has a decrease in the backstrap to the trigger ,not in the width of theg rip. i had both models. now i only own 3 g30's 2 older ones without the rail and one newer one with the light rail. dumped the sf. i cannot tell the difference because my finger reaches the trigger with length to spare on both styles. the sf model might feel slightly smaller to your hand. 3mm is 3mm afterall. it just don't represent width as much as trigger reach. it's funny because i enjoy the regular ,non sf g30 and then i choose the 21sf instead of the conventional grip g21. go figure all in all the glock .45 platform is the softest shooting most accurate combat ,sd rig i ever fired. most reliable to.
keep looking until you can put both in hand together for comparison. not something you could get opinions on although opinions are interesting.
good gluck
I have both the 30 and 30 SF. I have carried both and they are one of my favorite Glocks when I'm not carrying my 1911's. A photo won't show you any real difference. You have to feel it to tell the difference, and there is some difference in the feel and grip diameter. I personally didn't have any problem with the standard 30, because I have a big set of mits. But I do like the feel of the 30 SF a little better. It feels like I can acheive a better hold on the pistol, especially when shooting hotter loads. I carry the 230 gr, Speer Gold Dot "Short Barrel" load. But either way as long as you can properly grip the gun. I think you will probably like the 30 SF a little better. Most people do that I have talked with.

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