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Can you point me to a good place to get a holster for a Glock 27 holster. It's so bulky it's hard for me to conceal. I'm carrying in my purse but would rather have it on me.


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I carry a G30 which a little bit bigger than the G27 (about the same as the G23) and use a Crossbreed Supertuck. It holds it securely and tight to my side. I also have a leather IWB which I like but prefer the Crossbreed.


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2nd vote for Crossbreed Super Tuck

I also carry a Glock 30 in a super tuck. It is the most comfortable holster I have ever used, and I have tried and used many.

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You are saying that a Sub-Compact is bulky? I carry a G21 concealed with no issues using a Galco Summer Comfort(Inside Waist Band) or an Uncle Mikes Kydex Paddle. Of course I am 6ft 1, 250lbs and 60 Inches around the shoulders 40 inches at the waist. Anyhow, check out this page:

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Pending on what option you want to carry, Midway has a fine selection of holsters to choose from. If you have any trouble in finding a holster for your 27, just put it in the search box and it will only show holsters for your 27.


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I carry a G27 with a Desantis insider IWB leathere holster. No where as nice as super tuck but works great for me. Plus it's only like 30 bucks.

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I own a sof-tuck by DeSantis & The Trump Card Holster by Pistol Wear
The Sof-Tuck is nice because its ajustable. You can wear it SOB Cross Carry or strong arm & its comfortable.
The Trump Card can be worn like a shoulder holster or in the pants.
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My cousin found an awesome holster the other day at a local gun shop. I'll see if I can find out what it is!


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I carry my G27 in a Galco TUC286. I think I paid around 30 bucks for the holster. I have no complaints with mine. In fact my father-in-law liked my set so much he went out and bought the same gun and holster.


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I know Crossbreed has a 2 week trial period and a lifetime guarantee. "LIFETIME WARRANTY: Once you receive your holster you have two weeks to try it out, if it doesn't work for you, simply give us a ring and we will buy it back. Even after your two-week-try-it-free period is over, the holster still carries a lifetime warranty and we will repair or replace it as long as you own it if it fails you in any way under normal use." Do other companies match this?


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Kristie--a couple of you tube vids on holsters. One is specific to the Crossbreed. I'm sure there are many more.



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I like it for concealed carry but I usually carry my Ruger LC9 or LCP because even with a good holster the Glock takes a little more to cover it

Yeah, but it's worth having a Glock at your side rather than some sissy pistol from Ruger or Sith and Wesson.


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I had the chance to try am aiwb conceal holster for my G22 seemed very comfortable easy to draw and i had great movement !
Look on google for Dale Fricky think that's how name spelled

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