Glock 26 ????


What is the opinion of the Glock 26 as a smaller CC piece to sometimes replace my .45 Colt, S&W and Browning?

What is the opinion of the Glock 26 as a smaller CC piece to sometimes replace my .45 Colt, S&W and Browning?

I think it is a great gun! I love the G26. Very compact, durable, and pretty much able to eat almost any kind of 9mm ammo. If you haven't already, try it out at the range. If you have a friend who owns one, perhaps he/she may be willing to let you carry it concealed for an hour or so. You'll find out soon enough if it fits your needs and ability to conceal.

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I own a Glock 27 that I occasionally use with a 9mm conversion barrel essentially making it a 26. It is an excellent gun. I have owned and shot it for over 2 years and have never experienced a single failure or hiccup.
its a GLOCK itn got to be good..... thats my atory and I am sticking too it lol..............................
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Glock 26 and 27 are great CC weapons!! I have the Glock 27 and can perform surgery with it inside 30ft. It is my daily CCW. I carry it with a spare magazine too. I used it as a backup weapon when I was pulling reserve duty as a deputy.
I can't argue with anything Glock. I love the 1911's and always have. I was raised around those guns. When I became a LEO, everyone was still using revolvers and an occassional S&W 39 or a 1911 like my Dad and Grandpa. A Browning Hi-Power if you really wanted to be exotic. Eventually the switch came to semi-autos.

As a Firearms Instructor, I got additional training at a Glock School for Instructors and the Armorers course. They had a throw the Glock contest to see who could throw the pistol across a concrete parking lot the fartherist. We shot it after everyone threw it twice. I won the Top Gun spot in the class and got to keep the thrown Glock, a Glock Knife and an Entrenching tool. I still have the "Thrown Glock 17" in my safe and it still shoots like a champ. It ain't pretty though. We put the Glock 17 through the most harsh 2 weeks of shooting I ever did in my life. It made a believer out of me. I carried the Glock 17 (and 19 off duty) for a few years until the G21 came out. I bought one, because I liked the 45 on the street.

Later I went through alot of SWAT and Tactical Shooting schools that focused on headshots and double taps, and the 1911 again became the "in thing" among Tactical guys. I started carrying the 1911 on the street again and did for several more years until I was Injured and retired. To this day, the 1911 is still my gun, but I occassionally drag out a G21, 30, 17 or 19 when traveling far away from home on a road trip. Just for the benefit of capacity and several hi-cap mags if nothing else. (I'm starting a thread on this tonight in Outdoors /Survival related)

I have two G26's and one of them gets carried in the pocket every so often, during hot weather. I carry the 26 in a Kramer Pocket Holster. That and an extra mag in a pocket mag pouch is a comforting thing. I love my 1911's, but if I was ever dropped off in the middle of nowhere and could only have one gun, it would definitely be a Glock. Nuff said!
got to be a glock 27, 40 cal this has the stop & drop you want for ccw..
Im als looking at the walther pps 40 cal. abit pricey but nice...:biggrin:

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