glock 22 or ruger sr9


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I have a glock 22 now but am thinking of trading it for a ruger Sr9 any thoughts it is for ccw.


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Anything glock. I have several glocks and a couple rugers, have sent the rugers back for factory repair a couple times each, never a miss fire with a glock. Probably won't ever buy another ruger semi.


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I also have a glock 17 first gen serial number tracks back to 1987 never replaced anything on it been in the family since day one. Have never gave me a problem.


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Keep your Glock 22. In my opinion its the superior gun out of all Glock models. Why trade a great gun for a 9mm Ruger?


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I agree the 22 is a bit large for a carry gun, but the 26(9mm) or 27(40)are eccellent choices for concealed carry, however they are both small grip weapons and some people do find them a bit funny to get a good grip on, that would still leave a couple of options, you could install the little grip extention on the 26s mags, or just buy a 19 its the compact, not subcompact like the 26 or 27, much better grip if you have even small hands, best thing to do is go to a range that has rentals, and try a 26 and a 19, or a 27 or 23 if you may want a 40, also keep in mind the G-36 is also avalable thats the subcompact 45 ACP, right in there with the others for size, and recoil is not bad at all, in fact the hardest recoiling one of the bunch would be the 27....I say this because my wife and I have one of each, I have shot a Ruger, there are a nice gun, in fact almost got one once, but I would not trade a Glock for one

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