Glock 19 (New carry gun)


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I open carried a G19 for a couple years until I got my CCW and switched to a G27. Still have my old G19 but after shooting and falling in love with the M&P I started selling off my 1st Gen. Glocks so I could buy M&P replacements. Just realized all I needed was the newer Glocks and I could still shoot well with my old buddies.

The new G19 came with Tru-Glow sights, Magwell and a Bad A** Wolf Ported barrel.

I told you all that so I could show you this:

My new Glock 19!!!

Going back to the M&P but this time a "full" size. It's barely bigger than the 19 and I like it alot better. I'll post some pics when I get it tomorrow.
I carry a new G19 every day, I have several Glock's that I love to shoot, wouldn't trade one of my Glocks for a truck load of M&P's even though there a fantastic gun..................
I love Glocks too but, the M&P just fits better and it get's expensive to have Bowie re-do the grip on every Glock.

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