Glock 19 for CC


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All the rust you will miss. These are incredibly robust weapons.

Can your steel frame gun do all this: Glock 21 Torture Test -

That is a great price btw.


Are you a bit biased Doc? I'm a Glock shooter, so that's fine by me! My Gen1 Desert Eagle 45 had the kind of bluing that would rust minutes after being handled. Had to have it stripped and Durcoated and now she's perfect for my needs. I'd put it up against the Glock torture test anytime, but I probably won't like the outcome. Then again, it is an IWI product so who knows what might happen.


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Glock to carry

RJ, I believe gen 3 Glocks have the picatiny rail beneath the barrel. Otherwise, Glocks are one of the most proven and reliable carry guns ever made. Also, if this is going to be a carry gun, you may wish to check into used guns at gun stores and pawn shops near you, as the finish will not matter as much after 6 months of carry! The money you save can buy a lot of practice ammo. If you don't find them locally, try the sites mentioned by others above, and also or


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Gen 4 G19's have interchangable grip panels to expand / shrink grip size - not on Gen 3's. The stippling on the grip is also different. Try a Blade Tech IWB; they fit well.

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