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Hello, and thank you for letting me be part of your group!!! I have a few questions about getting a nonresident LTC in Mass. I am a resident of Missouri and I have a CCW here. I took the NRA Basic Pistol Course here in MO, is that course ok for MA? If not what do I need to take? Past the training at the bottom of the application the is a "All Lawfull Purpose" line. What is the best answer in detail to put in there? And how do you fill out that right index finger 3 page fingerprint thing that came with the application? Any help would be great!!!! thanks..

I'm not sure of the MA website, but once you find it (on here somewhere)it will give you about 25+ acceptable certificates that MA will honor (the more the better). The fingerprint thingy if I remember.......all fingers on both hands plus your Rolled impression of your Right Index Finger (or Left I guess). It'll be a Class A/All Lawful Purposes and don't forget the $100. for One (1) year. IF all goes well, plan to wait at least 2 months. Others have waited longer. And don't call to check on it, believe me, they have it and will get to it.
Others please chime in on this and correct me if I'm wrong...................
Good luck.

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