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I'm looking at a new carry gun. Currently I'm considering the Glock 26 and the subcompact XD with 3 inch barrel. I'm really liking the Glock at this point, because it's a lot easier to find good holsters for. The Glock seemed lighter, but according to the specs, they weigh exactly the same when loaded. It may be that the weight of the XD is more evenly distributed. I also like the ease of field stripping both. The Taurus 111 is a possibility too, but I haven't handled one yet.

My general requirements are that it be small and in 9mm, a caliber that I'm heavily invested in - and of course eat defense ammo reliably.

If anyone owns any of the above, what are your opinions on reliability, accuracy, etc? Any other suggestions?

My wife has the Glock although she carries a Smith revolver. She has trouble racking the slide on the Glock. We both have shot it with no feeding problems and it seems to be a fine little gun. Very concealable. Also I have a friend that carries the 26 and he really likes it. Can't help with the XD as I do not have one nor as of yet shot one. I have heard good things about it and know a number of posters here have one so I am sure they will be able to hep you.
Both of them are very good guns, but have you looked at the M&P you may want to take a look at it in the 9mm compact. Nice all round gun. Just my 2cents.
Honestly, no matter which one you choose, you can't really go wrong. Both are good guns, and both are accurate and easy to conceal. I suppose the edge would go to the Glock, for the reason you stated, which is the ease in finding a holster for it.
I might have to check out the M&P...the stock grip looks comfortable, and 12+1 is a lot of rounds for a compact, without being that much bigger than the 26.
I like the feel of the M&P over the Glock but I was just me I have a small hand and it fit me well.
I have the XD40SC and I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful firearm this is.

I know you are looking for the 9, which should be even better for you. The XD SC is a POA, POI gun, that you will be thoroughly pleased with.

See if you can find a local range that rents them out and have a go with it...
I have a G26 that I love. I shoot it every bit as well as my full sized Glock. I carry it in a "High Noon Hideaway" in waistband horsehide holster that is excellent quality.
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My brother has the xd sc but in .40 cal. The problem he has with it is like you said, he is having problems finding a good holster. Accuracy? He says mine is more accuate but I can shot just as well with his 3"sc as I can with my 4" service model. I can keep a 6 inch group at 25 yards with his so I dont think accuracy should be a problem.
I have a Glock 27 but, of the three, Glock, XD and M&P, I think the M&P has a much better trigger than the other two and feels like a natural pointer to me.
Whichever gun you end up getting, do you plan on outfitting it with any cool accessories (ie., a red dot sight, a gun light, or new grips)?
I have an XD9SC and an XD45 comp. I really like my XD's.Easy to clean,very rugged and neither of them have ever had a failure of any kind. My XD9SC has been in my backpack (GHB) for about 2 years now --loaded in condition 1--so it is with me every day. I carry it OWB sometimes but usually for CC I prefer my CZ P01 or 75 Comp mainly because I like the SA/DA option.
When I got my XD I was also looking at the Glock 26. For me--target aquisition and feel of the XD was better than the Glock.No slam against Glocks though--they are good guns. The XD just felt better and I am very happy with it
When it comes to small and comfy it's hard to beat a Kahr CW-9. Mine has never failed to feed or function, no matter what kind of ammo I feed it. Of course, it's not a gun to be shot off a bench-rest, but it seems extremely accurate. I prefer a .45 to a 9mm, but when I do carry a 9 it's the Kahr.
I have an XD.45 compact so can only share my experience with that gun. However every thing I have read makes me believe that my experience with the XD.45 would apply to an XD 9mm. Before I proceed regarding holsters K&D Holster makes top quality premier holsters for all XD models. IMO you can not do better than a K&D Holster for an XD or any gun. That said contrary to what I have read here most every reputable custom holster maker makes holsters for the XD. My XD.45 compact in an OWB Eagle Defender

In an IWBDakota Defender

After handling it at a shop, reading every review I could lay my hands on and shooting a friends I took the leap and got my very first tupperware gun.

Since than my opinions about tupperware had done a complete 180. Being old I never ever thought I'd be shooting tupperware much less praising it but now I can not imagine a better EDC for me. The 10 round compact magazine holds more than a full size 1911. Plus one in the pipe and thirteen in the spare mag makes for twenty four out the door. A lot of 230 gr. Federal HST flower power for the BG. What continues to amaze me is this is a compact .45 and it is just a blast to shoot and I swear I am a better shot because of it.

Not once since I have had it have I left the range because I was beat up from shooting it. Now the XD isn't a beauty queen and you can get lots of prettier guns than an XD. There are even some that are more accurate. But there are none that are more reliable or better suited for EDC than an XD.45. I love my XD.45 compact.
IMO the XD.45 compact is the best Self Defense Every Day Carry gun there is. With well over 2,000 rounds through it without a single FTF. I know it is Rock Solid Reliable. Hits everything I point it at. Eats everything I feed it. Simple to clean & maintain. The grip and trigger safeties are natural and intuitive. No manual safety to confuse matters or cause a delay when nano seconds count, make it ideal for self defense. In a K&D Holsters, my XD is infinitely concealable and a breeze to carry all day long. make it ideal for EDC.

Add TruGlo fiber optic night sights and a LaserLyte , maybe a Springer Precision trigger job and carry it in a K&D Holster you are be good to go for a walk across a Wally World parking lot or the next wave of Zombies. Add Springfield-Armory's life time warranty and Springfield-Armory's acclaimed customer service and you have the best EDC you can buy bar none IMO.

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