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Tax Day Tea Party Florida Gov Shuts Down Tea Party

Florida Gov Shuts Down Tea Party

Yep, the government has shut down the Cape Coral Tea Party because too many people might show up. I was truely pleased the article explained it was not bias or censorship, just paperwork and money. You see, the left has professional protestors and legal teams to smooth the way for their protests. We have jobs and families to occupy our time.

We need to catch up, work the system like they do to acheive our goals. We have fallen into the same trap Apple has, the feeling because we are better than Microsoft, people will buy our product. This is not true, the US runs on marketing, and conservatives are the worst marketers. We need to catch up. We need our lawyers and lay people to pave the way for the rest of us. We need polished spokepeople to speak out for us. Face it, the people I have seen representing us on CNN come across as idiots, or out of touch. Truth is not as important as packaging when dealing with the media, and our packaging kind of sucks. We need to do better!!!

I believe we can work the system as well or better than the left, we just need to understand the system, not deny it!!

End of rant, sorry.

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