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President Obama has some local licensed gun carriers worried he’ll try to hinder their rights. Larry Billeiter, concealed carry permit holder said, “he has a severe anti-gun record. He did in Chicago and he has since he's been in the senate and he's appointed numerous people from the Clinton administration who were severely anti-gun." Anti-gun groups, like the Brady Campaign, have the President’s back. They argue that 80 people die each day from gun violence and an additional 200 survive with injuries. But members of the grassroots organization say many statistics are twisted and guns can save lives if they’re in the right hands. Tim Huett, a local soldier and licensed shooter said, “A lot of people think guns are the problems. Guns cause crimes. That’s not the case; criminals cause crimes. Criminals kill people.” He went on to say, “Guns save lives in the hands of law-abiding citizens…the people who get guns illegally are the people who need limitations. Not us.” began in 2006 and since they’ve gained support – signing up more than 3,400 members who fight for gun rights with them. They fought for the passage of House Bill 89 last year, which in short allows you to carry concealed guns in more places, like restaurants. To demonstrate responsible gun use, the members invited us to participate in an International Defense Pistol Association (IDPA) scenario with them. In today’s scenario we were dining at a restaurant when a gunman walks in. We pull our pistol shoot him and his accomplices. Photojournalist Will Hammargren and I went through training, donned proper safety gear and then shot pistols for the first time. Since January 1st, 2009 259 Chatham County residents have applied for concealed carry permits.

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GCO has done a great deal for us in GA and that's why I am a member. The gun business has boomed in GA since the war on terror began. Local gun shops have increased in size, moved to bigger locations and expanded to multiple stores. Some of this is due to redeploying soldiers getting guns after they return from combat and some of it is due to fears over the new administration and possible restrictions.

If you carry a gun in GA, you need to support GCO. Bottom line.
I am also a GCO member and wish I could do more than just support them with membership dues. They have been in the forefront of many badly needed changes to Georgia's outdated gun laws.

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