Georgia Right-to-Carry Reform Bill Takes Effect Today, July 1!


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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Today, July 1, House Bill 89 takes effect. This NRA supported measure makes numerous improvements to Georgia’s Right-to-Carry laws and represents the most comprehensive pro-gun reform measure to be enacted in nearly 20 years.

This critical Right-to-Carry Reform legislation will strengthen Georgia’s current laws by:

allowing licensed carry permit holders to possess a firearm in any private motor vehicle, while on any publicly accessible parking lot;
prohibiting gun dealer entrapment schemes, such as those orchestrated by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg;
allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry in State Parks, recreational areas, wildlife management areas, and public transportation;
creating a stricter time limit for various stages of the concealed carry license application process; and
allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry in restaurants.

Thank you to all of the NRA members who answered the call in support of HB89. Your action played a pivotal role in the enactment of this much-needed legislation. Without you this victory would not have been possible

Congrats To Georgia!!!!!

I hope Virginia passes the right for us to carry concealed in restaurants that sell alcohol. I don't like having to either disarm or open carry in a restaurant. It's not that I'm against open carry, I do it alot in my area, but I don't like the government FORCING me to do so.
Prior to the passage of this law, I would have considered Georgia one of the five worst shall issue states, based on the list of off limits places, particularly the ban on carrying at "public gatherings" (whatever that means), and especially public transportation. If a bus company wants to prohibit guns, thats one thing, but for the state to say it is wrong and leaves people who rely on buses or trains to get around vulnerable, particularly woment standing on dark bus stops late at night.
Guess I'll be heading to Savannah in March!!!

Ditto! I can now visit my cousin in Atlanta, and catch the bus to get around; pretty soon that will be the only affordable mode of transportation available to anyone if gas prices keep rising at the rate they're currently rising.

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