Generic Letter To "No Firearms Allowed" Businesses

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Here in Arizona the law says if you have your business covered with a "no carry" sign then they must have a safe place for you to store your weapon. Now Walmart has removed thier sign. It feel it all comes down to don't advertise.
Here is a letter I sent to Speedway a couple of days ago:

Dear Sirs,

I just heard that Speedway does not allow people like me who have never had even a misdemeanor charge in 66 years and have passed an extensive background check to receive a Concealed Carry License to enter/buy from your establishment if legally carrying a firearm for self protection.

I am hoping that this is just a rumor. If not, what procedures have you implemented to make sure a criminal does not disregard any signs and enters with the intent to rob you/me who are now without any protection? Have you enacted any procedures to protect those who honor your sign and disarm themselves before entering?

I am truly interested in your response and hope I can continue to do business with you.
While I agree and like the letter. I like it better that nobody knows I carry, or have a CHL. Only ones who know are my wife/kids/mom/dad......That's it. It would be too easy for someone local who works at the establishment to find out or hear about the letter tell some else and then more people than I would like, now know I carry. I never talk to friends/co-workers about if, when, or where I carry or even that I have a CHL. Just my 2cents.

This is what I use.

Dear Mr. ABC:

During a recent visit to your business I noticed your “Firearms Prohibited” sign. While I respect your right to deny entry to any person for any reason you choose, your practice discriminates against those who legally exercise their Second Amendment right.

I possess several Concealed Weapons Licenses. I have been thoroughly trained in the use of my firearms and my legality in so doing. I have been investigated by the Sheriff of the county in which I reside as well as by several State Bureaus’ of Investigation and approved on the basis of my clean criminal and mental health records. Copies of my photograph and fingerprints are maintained by several States and the FBI. I continue to train to keep my proficiency level at its peak and am constantly reviewing the law to ensure I operate within its boundaries.

I am a law-abiding citizen who respects property and life and I pose no physical threat to your business, your employees or your customers unless they threaten the lives of my family or me. How much do you know about your other customers? Your sign does nothing to prevent a violent criminal from entering your premises and carrying out his evil intent. I am also an individual who, by virtue of spending considerable amounts of money to properly arm, train, and secure my licenses, possesses discretionary income you should value. I have many like-minded friends and acquaintances and I am a member of numerous organizations with local, state, and national memberships that collectively choose to walk past doors such as yours.

As long as it is your policy to expect legally armed and honest citizens to give up their personal security while doing nothing to guarantee that security yourself, I have no choice but to take my business to your competitors who do not view me and others like me as a threat. I will not reconsider until your policy changes and your offensive signage is removed.

Since my license is a “Concealed Carry” license, it is imperative I remain anonymous. Rest assured, however, I am a real person who has visited and continues to have the opportunity to shop with you. If you like, you may correspond with me at the following email address:

(your email address here)

Mississippi is about to become an open carry state, and in anticipation of that, I've seen "No Firearms Allowed" signs popping up all over the city where I live. In response, I've written the following and had it printed on small cards I hand out when I see a sign on a business.

Dear Mississippi Business Owner:

I'm very sorry you felt it necessary to ban firearms from your establishment. As a law-abiding resident of this State, once the legal issue is resolved, I plan to openly carry a gun. I have no intention of removing my gun to do business in your establishment, and therefore will take my business elsewhere.

I don't know where your fear stems from, but I have no more intention of shooting someone inside your store than I have of shoplifting something from it. My only intention in entering your premises would be to do business with you. You've made it very clear my business isn't welcome.

In closing, I want to caution you that only law-abiding citizens will obey your signage. If I were a criminal and I were choosing which store to rob, and one had a sign that said "no guns allowed" and one did not, I would head for the store with the sign. Why? Because your customers are unarmed, and given the political statement you just made so publicly, my guess would be that you are as well.
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