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Gen 4 question

I'm currently carrying a G 23 Gen 4 in a Cross breed super tuck which I like except for the extra rough grip. It is irritating and grinds away at my bare skin. Does anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a way to fix this problem without always having to all ways wear an undershirt. Thanks for you input.

Get a smooth grip for the G23 Gen4 at your local gun store $15-$20. Might have to shave a bit off the grip if necessary and you're good. I use a KingTuk KT224B IWB. Had the Cross Breed Super until I found KingTuk. Works well for me.


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I have the same issue with my super tuck and an XD40. When I'm just wearing a t shirt, I tough it out. When I'm dressing I wear a 'wife beater' (man I hate that name but everyone know what I mean) as an under shirt tucked in and the dress shirt is tucked according to need with the holster.

Hot sweaty weather down here in Central Fl makes it even worse. The up side is I don't think the checkering on the XD is as agressive as on the Gen4.

YOu might try a gunsmith that can 'smooth' the checkering on the grip so it isn't so agressive, but then you're giving up purchase on the grip when it is really needed.

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