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Can't believe this guy has his own web site. The ledged will live on forever....

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That is hilarious. In that first bit, he describes himself carrying more ammo for mall security than I carried while guarding NSGA facilities.
I get it, I get It.... I now understand why I like my Six Shooter...

Revolvers are for people who spend their days fantasizing about being a cowboy. I do not spend my days fantasizing about that. After all, I am a ninja.


Whoever built this site is one funny writer (and is obviously not the original Gecko45). This person should be doing TV skits

"The trick with ice storms is that they can really mess up your gear. When our perimter patrol teams need to operate in the cold, we keep our weapons in a warm pizza delivery pouch that the local Dominos donated. Keeping your gear warm is critical. The oil used in firearms can freeze and you can't afford to have your gun frozen in a fight.

Also get salt rock. We keep more than ton of it here at the facility and even at home I always have at least one or two 50 pound bags. Pour salt rock on anything and the ice will melt.

I never thought of this before but I bet you could pour salt rock into water and then dump your guns in there overnight. That would probably work better than oil and would definitely protect them against freezing."

The "respondent" says he can salt his pool and store his weapons in there.

The best thing you can do is set up a secure observation post. You want maximum visibility but also protection against incoming weapons fire. Since car windshields work so well as deflecting bullets you might want to visit the local junk yard and buy five or six windshields out of broken cars. A few tent poles and some duck tape and you will have a very secre position from where you can watch the whole neighborhood.

There are lots of boobyttraps and stuff like that you should look into but it would not be appropriate for me to discuss those in public. But just be thinking about ways to barricade all the streets in and out of your neighborhood if you have to.

:sarcastic: LMAO
I agree, this guy should have his own TV show. I'm sure it would be a hit.

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