Galco's poor customer service

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I was lead to this forum by a search I was doing to try and find something in stock and read this post . I took it with a grain of salt and went about my business. However today, still trying to find the information I was looking for, decided to call Galco and Bill answered the phone. Simply I was trying to buy one of their most expensive holsters, I had already been to 6 shops around town (I live a few miles from Galco) and no one carried it. Needing it for an event next week and knowing Galco, based on their site won't sell directly to the public from their storefront, thought they would be willing to let me know where I could pick one up in town. So with this post I read in the back of my mind, I explained to Bill what I was looking for. He told me he would tell me the stores in my area that carry their product...I explained I already knew that and would appreciate just letting me know the stores that have actually ordered the holster I was looking for...He went on to tell me he could tell me when and who ordered that holster but that "he was not going to tell me because that would violate some sort of privacy"...not sure how or what privacy that would be and not to mention I don't think any of the gun dealers would have a problem if they pointed me to them about a $120 holster they may or may not have on their shelf.

He then told me I could order it through the phone and come pick it up...I perked up and said ok...then he told me it would take 24 hours which would mean since its Friday, I can't pick it up until Monday. I asked if we could speed it up since I needed it before I left town and Bill replied "it is early enough in the morning that we can have it up front by this afternoon", GREAT! I said lets do it...Bill creates my customer card and then we get to the credit card info and before he takes it I ask him one more time about when I can pick it up...he replies 24 hours...Monday! I reminded him of the conversation 5 min prior and he said he never promised that and it would depend on how busy shipping was...Again asking why it would take 24 hours to walk a product 75' from a shelf to the front desk, he began to get irritated and explain how this would effect their entire shipping process for the day and would prevent other orders from shipping?!?! I told Bill about the forum I read on here last night and that I didn't take much stock in it but know I am seeing the validity in the posting, he then said "we are done here".

Of which I ended the call, so yes Bill you are right we were done, and everyone has their opinions, I am merely pointing out my exact experience with your company and letting others decide of they want to support your business. It's unfortunate that a company puts process above customer satisfaction, especially when their process limits something as simple as a sale...if this is the treatment if I am trying to spend money, what would it be once they have my money?


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Okay, we get it. You feel you were jerked-around. Odd first post about it, but hey, this is an open forum.

Galco isn't an island in the holster world.

There are plenty of holster-makers to choose from, who would love your business.

I'd suggest using one of them.

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