GA police officers shoot each other.


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Here is an article for all those people that think only police officers should be allowed to carry guns. They are well trained and would never do anything stupid.

I have nothing against LEO. I have the utmost respect for them and appreciate what they do. Just saying they are no better qualified than us to have a gun.

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Although I have several LEO friends you, me and everyone else should know they are just human beings like all the rest of us. Some are good and some are bad and we all have our problems.

No one is above reproach just because he or she carries a badge and a gun.

What a horrible tragedy this is and a HUGE embarrassment as well.
Clearly LEOs are NOT better than any of us inasmuch as handling a firearm.At least these two.Fortunately for them,or they might both be dead.
I bet I won't see this on the evening news,though.
This was NOT an accidental shooting. Two cops pulled guns and and started shooting at each other! It's not like they were out at the range or something. Sounds to me like Daily may have been beating on his G/F and didn't like it when he was caught.

This is not really that insane to me. We're human and I hope you all realize we have to protect ourselves from ALL BG no matter what their job description may be. I like all my friends but, I don't trust anyone.

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