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Hey all! I have checked the map for where my permit is allowed. As a GA permit holder driving to VA I need to know what my rights are. I see that VA doesn't honor my permit, but what are the laws about the handgun in my truck or hotel room? I am leaving on Saturday so any help would be great!

Welcome, stmartin84. In the VA forum there is a link that gets you to the VA carry laws. Go here and you can read up on them. Virginia Concealed Carry Permit Information If you have any questions post them in the VA forum and someone will help you. What I do is print out a states CC laws and carry them with me on the trip. I can refer to them if I have a question while traveling. Again...Welcome to the site!
VA laws can be very trick, if you know VA won't honor your CC then during travel (i'm sorry i know it won't help much) but the best way to play it safe is to keep it boxed & locked, VA honors an open carry (or at least the officer that taught our CC class does) for residents but if its concealed without a proper permit your life can be bad. Furthermore, depending on the county or (if its a state police) there are independent state regulations, (please understand I've not updated myself on all va regs so i could be wrong) but in semi auto pistols 7 rnds use to be max cap, (yes i know it was wierd) If you have one & your comfortable with it, I'd fully recommend a revolver. In a way of carrying in state you really have no foot to stand on unless you get a non resident permit. However where you lay your head your generally fine.

If you want to read up here is the link given us in paper form at the class with all the rules & regulations

Virginia State Police - Selected State Laws Pertaining to Firearms

Hope I could help

thanks for the link. I have no intention of carrying the weapon, just transporting it for safety. The route in which I'm driving, VA is the only one that won't honor my permit. I wish they would have one permit allowed for all states that do in fact allow CCP.

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