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A Texan, retired in GA
I am getting a lot of emails from gun rights groups about possible changes in GA weapons laws that are being considered in the current session. Since almost every email also includes a plea for money, I started looking at state gov. sites for more info but cannot find much about these "changes." My state rep was also not helpful.

Does anyone know what is really going on?

It looks like two things are going on, to me anyway. First, you have the usual anti-gun legislation from the Atlanta area. The bee in the misinformed liberal bonnet this time is Stand Your Ground. There are a couple lefty state reps who do this every session, but they have essentially zero chance of going anywhere. The other issue is the big bill that died on the vine last year. You probably remember the college campus and "church carry" discussions, which both got a lot of play in the media.

A good place to get info in Georgia is: Georgia Carry : An information clearinghouse for Georgia Firearms License issues and news » News

You don't have to be a member to use the web site, but you might want to consider joining. It's about a dollar per month, and it directly supports the fight right here in our state. Also, check GCO out on Facebook, if you use that:
I haven't kept up with all the new changes to the bill, but I seem to remember that originally, part of the bill included legal carry in post offices. I assume that didn't make it?
Post offices are Federal not State jurisdiction, any changes to state law would have no effect.

The bill, HB60 has been passed by the legislature and is sitting on the Governors desk. A copy may be found at HB*60*2013-2014 Regular Session and there is some discussion of the bill here, on the Link Removed forum.

Georgia Packing is a web forum that is not technically a part of GeorgiaCarry.Org, Georgia's premier supporter of Georgian's firearms rights. Memberships are $15 annually and the work they do far outweighs the meager cost for membership.

Some of the highlights of the bill... (and I Hope I don't misstate any...)
Line 51... Unlawful as a condition of tenancy in public housing, any prohibition or restriction of any lawful possession of a firearm within an individual dwelling unless required by federal law or regulation

Line 139 ... The government is out of the business of regulating behavior at one legal establishment (a bar) and not at all others. A bar may still trespass a carrier at it's discretion and failure to leave could be prosecuted as criminal trespass.

Line 168 ... The government is still in the business of regulating behavior at one legal establishment ( a place of worship) and not at all others. Carrying a weapon at a church is illegal (as before) unless the govrning body 'opts in' to allow carrying weapons.

Line 182... Rentors or leasors of Private Property may exclude or eject a person carrying a weapon. This differs from rentors or leasors of Public Property (such as an organization that rents the County Exhibition Hall for a gun show, who now may not set conditions for public property that differ from public law.)

Line 206 Carry is allowed in govermnent buildings where such entry is not restricted or screened. e.g. carry in courts or the Capitol are still restricted, but you may now freely enter a state owned restroom at a park or your local library.

Line 511 ... Fingerprinting is no longer required for renewals.

Line 671 .. No person or entity shall create or maintain a multijurisdictional database of licenses

Line 788... it is illegal to detain a person for the sole purpose of investigating whhether or not a person has a GWL.
If detained for other purposes and the person does not hve a GWL in his immediate possession at the time, the fine is $10 if said license is produced in court.

Line 893 .. "Katrina Law" prohibits the state or agents thereof while in a state of emergency from seizing, possessing, or carrying firearms or ammunition, nor require the registration of weapons.
I imagine any email you get from any political group or organization is just looking for money no money which or what they say they support. People need to wake up I don't care what party it is there stealing you blind in rights, money, and everything else you can think of. Anyone who has to tell you and explain to you how and why they're fighting for you as well as against whatever is lying and trying to get in your pocket one way or another.
the libturd media is gaga about these changes, according to them as of 7/1 there will blood on the streets of GA
the libturd media is gaga about these changes, according to them as of 7/1 there will blood on the streets of GA
They have said the same thing about any pro-gun law passed in Ohio over the last 10 years, without any such outcome. The same will occur in Georgia as law abiding citizens are just that law abiding.
It's a great day for Georgia! They have set a fine example for the other states. While no one expects the strongly anti-gun states to come to their senses, the Georgia law changes should motivate many other states to simplify and redraft their gun-related laws.

I'm surprised that anti-gun Atlanta residents are whining about gun owners defending themselves - it can take 2 hours or more for the Atlanta PD to respond, even if a home invasion is in progress. It's not so different from the situation in Detroit, where their Mayor has essentially said that people will have to take care of themselves more and more, due in part to lack of money for the PD. I'm not sure any big US city is that different.

Just a few thoughts - again, congrats to Georgia.
So, if you're from Florida and visit Georgia does it let you have the same freedoms? I live in florida but will be visiting in July
So, if you're from Florida and visit Georgia does it let you have the same freedoms? I live in florida but will be visiting in July

Georgia reciprocates gun carrying rights with FLA, meaning that your CWFL is accepted in GA as long as you adhere to the laws in GA

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