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I own a Glock 30 SF and I’ve been research IWB holsters for awhile now, and I think I have it narrowed down to 2. The Minotaur MTAC Holster Or a SuperTuck Deluxe.

Has anyone had the opportunity to actually try both? They seem very similar, and I’m wondering if there is a functionality difference that might set one apart.

For example: the MTAC seems more adjustable.

Thanks so much for the input.

Iwb holster

I carry an XD-40 comp. I use the Minotaur holster and love it. I have had the holster for about a year now and it still holds my weapon close to my body. I can even wear a t-shirt and I like to be able to tuck my shirt in over it with no problems. What sold me on the holster was a You-tube video. I don't know anything about the Super Tuck Deluxe holsters.

From looking at the web site this is the difference I notice. The Minotaur is adjustable. This good, because of the difference in the way jeans are made and slacks or wearing shorts. You may want to adjust the height of the holster.

Secondly, Look at both very closely. You will notice that with the Minotaur you can pull the kydex off. This is an advantage if you carry more then one different type of weapon. The additional kydex are not that much from Comp-Tec. Where as looking at the Super Tuck, you would have to order a complete different holster for a different weapon.

Third, for the price difference, Minotaur is a better holster for reasons already stated. Number two being a big one.

Fourth, Comp-Tec will send you a packet of Smarties and a hand written thank you note from the employees at Comp-Tec.

Good Luck.

I have tried both holsters with the same handgun and found I like the MTAC better. It held the weapon more tightly but more important has a lining on the side that goes against your body that covers the hardware. I find the thin layer of smooth leather makes the holster more comfortable. The holster in my opinion is a littlte better made, feeling more time was spent in it's manufacture

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