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Hello all....

I'm in the process of getting a nice concealable firearm, the Glock 26 has caught my eye....wondering if anyone can shred some light on the G26, or would a G19 be a better fit

Thanks for your help


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I have a Gen 4 G19 and love it. I've shot the G26 as well and I love that too (a Gen4 G26 is my next purchase). If it's going to be a "mostly home or car gun and sometimes carry" get the G19. It has a bigger grip, better sight picture, more rounds in the standard config, and a rail where you can attach a weapons light etc. If it's going to be a "mostly carry, basically EDC" gun - go with the G26. It's smaller, lighter, more concealable, more comfortable to carry and you won't want to put a light on it anyway (presumably). I generally want to pocket carry for EDC and even the Glock 26 is too big for that. It's usually either the Ruger LCP (mostly) or the Kel tec PF9 (sometimes - but that one is better in an IWB).

If you plan on joining GSSF (Glock Sports Shooting Foundation), which is a pretty laid back shooting competition and a lot of fun, join for 2 years and use the pistol voucher to get a significant discount (like around $100). If you're a GSSF member you get to buy a new Glock at LEO rates from participating Gun shops once a year. You used to be able to do it the first year you joined - which is what I did last year, but they changed the rules and now you must either be a member for one year or must buy a multiyear membership.


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By months end I may have a G27 for EDC. Currently I have a G23c RTF-2. That is a fun gun but a bit bulky for EDC with my body type (Tall with Beer Belly). I am hoping the G27 works out for me and the G26 for you.

GSSF [email protected]!

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