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Feel free to use these. I don't know who comes up with this stuff, but it's pretty good.

Emoticons & Cyber-Threats.

Emoticons have been around since the 1st fella put a colon :, a dash - & a ) together forming the now copyrighted :)
A few years back a legit company called IncrediMail surfaced and added a plethora of everything you could want from moving faces to feces to waving flags and dancing critters. They became the main-stay of POP-3 clients from Outlook Express HTML-ized e-mails to all those IM chatty Yahoo IM, AIM, MSN cyber add-ons. 99.9999...% are clean and cute, then during the years following 9/11 some Muslim cyber geeks (probably trained at some of the western world's best colleges) started crafting some real deadly beauties they wasted no time posting to USENET 1st then from there they spread to all forms of chat and e-mail media. Some are bait, they are crafted with the U.S./Brit/Frog/Auzzie patriotic type symbols of flying eagles, fluttering flags and our forces doing the dirty on ObL type honey-pot traps, U see one, U want to grab it and send it to all your M8's which was/is the idea in action. During some raids our intel/G2 folks have found labs set up just for that purpose. Most use the Active-X or Direct-X, Flash and/or Shockwave versions for combining active scripting of applets which contain code that makes the motion and colors but some contain Trojans, worms, e-bombs or data-harvesters that even Trend or Symantec have not yet figured out how to I.D. let alone stop their spread. New ones surface daily to replace the ones your anti-malware programs find & kill. Caveat emptor SYSOPS or users, if you use them and I admit I do at times, if you haven't run the gif or ani thru something better than Norton or freeware AVG/A-Squared, then you do run the risk of the very best patriotic ones available to be harvesters, back-door exploits or other forms of malware intermingled with the emoticons normal code, destructive Visual Basic Script that makes them SO alluring to us 'infidels', and should you grab then repost some from a domain that originates in Muslim nations or places where international standards of cyber safety can not be enforced, or get one that came from there and ended up in an e-mail to you from a trusted M8/family member in good old US of A, unbeknownst to all then you run the very real risk of passing some very nasty malware onto those you care about most. Rubbish you say, :icon_drunk: well the very worst are the harvesters, key-loggers, back-doors, not designed to do harm to a vulnerable or already contaminated system but to gather as much information fast and send it to awaiting al-analysts, or open ports so others can gain access and hi-jack a computer or (hitting the al-jackpot) an entire domain! Like the (U would assume impregnable) Pentagon when they dropped their guard on 20 June 2007. The very secure DOD domain Army Knowledge Online, a portal for U.S. Army active duty, Army-retirees, and select DOD civilians use only, which I just happen to visit once in a while banned all use of Incredimail emoticons in it's many chat rooms that fill that closed to the public super-secure domain, but were getting flooded with some great ones of like ObL or Saddam getting whacked. Few months later very sensitive chit chat from those secure domains was being dug up on hard drives that some of my old units (4th and 25th ID's) found in Iraq, and spooks like MI5 have found in European/Asian safe-houses. AKO plugged the holes some years back and banned the use of all but DOD authorized very basic emoticons for use in their domains. Whew! I have an e-mail address that ends in * and a very limited need to know much that gives me guest access to a DOD closed domain, some of USA Carry patrons have it too and know exactly what goes on in those 'bitch-session' chat rooms. I have no need to know Jack which as it should be for any retiree who does not have a bona-fide need to know much & the right security clearance to enter and chat about ongoing or future mission oriented mail posted by troops blowing off steam or blabbing too much as it is posted to AKO and other DOD closed domains 24/7/365. One unnoticed new emoticon floating around in there with say a Hillary Clinton cut-down animated funny may be popular but also could be a direct link to a relay net in say Somalia! I am not trying to be a kill-joy here, but doing a great job of doing just that, sorry USA Carry, just warning any user of this domain and any other that some of the very best 'hu-rah' animated emoticons out there may be al-Q or organized crime used & posted by criminals whose only desire is to gut your $avings account before you finish reading this post and look like a normal .dll server file during a full systems security check. I have said enough about a closed domain, I will not elaborate on it more. In closing follow this safe link to get a short recent overview from the folks who know more about this than I ever will: Trend © .
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Very good points...Gray Wolf...err Canis Lupis. People arm themselves with guns, look over their shoulders for muggers, etc. Yet, one place you are the most vulnerable is here out on der net. No other place does pure anarchy fly more abundant. Its always a good idea to soldier on in all parts of life for safety. Computer usage is no exception. There are nasty people out there and the net is their playground. Its a lukewarm war sometimes.

"Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum"

P.S You can always tell a government folk based on their excessive usage of acronyms. :)

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