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Just wanted to share this with you guys. I know some one posted something like this yesterday but, this is a little shorter and easier to digest:

Have fun and good reading.

And for the opposite effect, here's a not so smart guy with NO facts or really even a rational though.

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I certainly would not shoot someone at random just because they are in my house. If you have something in your hand that may hurt me that's different and I assure you they will not out run me AND my dog.

He likes to chase stuff when it runs away. (If I tell him too)
it's just interesting how the people who are trying to take away our guns don't even understand how negative the effect would be if it actually happened.
A little something to amuse you

My response to this article (it is a bit old so not sure if anyone will still see it but.....).


Have you actually read this law? Your comment that this grants the "right to commit murder" is misleading, inflammatory and serves as an abject example of totally irresponsible journalism. But, of course your right to freedom of speech allows you to make sensationalized baseless statements without consideration of truth. I accept that of course, in fact, I consider my right to keep and bear arms as essential in the continuation of your civil liberties. Funny how you think my right should be violated while I think it’s protecting yours, eh?

But, I’ll tell you what, why don't you, as a public service to all the potential victims of the Florida Castle Doctrine Law, provide signs for Florida gun-owners which clearly state your address and the belief that protecting your family and possessions with force is inappropriate? They can post those signs (it would be thoughtful to provide a map) on their doors, automobiles and lawns as helpful suggestions for burglars, rapists, kidnappers, thieves, etc. This would certainly underscore your faith in your convictions while allowing those poor, potential victims the peace of mind that comes from carrying out their chosen work in a safe and secure environment. Because, after all, this is America and they have that RIGHT don’t they?

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