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Just trying to get a feel for what you carry full, compact, or micro and why.

I carry a few different guns depending on the season, bad area, etc... but right now i'm carrying a Glock 26 subcompact, and that little gun will shoot just as well as it's big brothers with practice.
Just picked up a S&W M&P45c today. Adjusted the grip and ready to test....:biggrin::biggrin:
Taurus PT145 .45acp. Like most I started out with a full sized carry gun. Doesn't take long to figure out what conceals the most easily.
kahr p 9 in pocket holster. very accessable and good stopping power. i like the pocket carry because i can have my hand in my pocket on the gun, and in a situation not raise any fear in the perp like i would if i had to draw from a side holster. just seems to give faster presentation.
Because I work in an office environment, I opt for the Glock 27 (sub-compact) with a Galco ankle holster. It conceals very easily under dress slacks with no printing. I keep it in "condition 1" (chambered) and have been doing it this way since I bought the pistol in 06'. It took about a week for me to get used to the weight/balance of having a small pistol strapped to my lower left calf. Now I sometimes find myself checking to make sure it's there...lol. Most here are not fans of the ankle holster because of weight, or quickness in retrieving the gun, etc... Any concealed firearm can be retrieved very quickly with practice. When I wear jeans or sweats, I opt for the IWB holster and belly band. These methods work well for me but ultimately it is what works best for you!
Just picked up a S&W M&P45c today. Adjusted the grip and ready to test....:biggrin::biggrin:

Good choice. I have the full size M&P45 and love it. I live in MA so I had to do some trigger work to get it down to 6.5lbs. Dumb laws here... Added the 10-8 performance rear sight and the Crimson Trace Laser Grip insert (Pics on my page)...

Enjoy it...

Micro -- Kel-Tec P-3AT front right pocket. In shorts and shirt it is the easiest and most comfortable carry and that is my standard dress (except for the past week when it has been cooooold, even in South Florida).

I go IWB Kahr PM9 when adding a cover jacket (is that Micro or mid size?)

I also have a full size Beretta Vertec and a 4" .357 mag that I will carry if I am going somewhere that more firepower seems prudent. I find them a bit tough to conceal without a heavy coat and prefer a shoulder rig to carry them. Open carry is illegal in Florida so that pretty much means totally concealed to many LEO, others are a bit more flexible but since I don't know who is who, gotta go conservative.
Decision came easy. I hate "stuff" hanging from me, around my waist, and even in my pocket. If I want to CC gotta go with the smallest and lightest and easiest--Kel Tec P3AT. Others are better but none are smaller. If I bought bigger, I know I would stop CC with it.
I went with a Glock 33 (subcompact) for the short barrel. I also bought a couple G31 (full size) mags and put sleeves on them to fill in the space that sticks out the bottom of the mag well. Most of the time I am able to conceal the full sized grip. But if for some reason I cannot, I can switch back to the G33 mags and that grip-print disappears.

Of course, this is until I can just go ahead and buy a full sized. Then I'll just select the gun to fit the occasion.
To tell you the truth I do not see an advantage to full size other than often you have a little less felt recoil with a larger gun. Some would say a full size is more accurate but in reality even many of the sub compacts are pretty accurate these days. I have no problems with accuracy with my HK. In fact for the relative close distance that you would most likely be using a concealed carry gun for the small difference in accuracy is inconsequential because we are not talking about target shooting but rather close quarter combat. A smaller gun will be easier to conceal and usually more comfortable to carry. The main thing is get a gun no matter what size that is reliable. You want it to work when needed not jam every other round.
what are the advantages of carry full size VS compact, subcompact, or micro?
There are alot of differences. Full-size typically results in better accuracy, less recoil (per caliber), higher capacity, bigger grips for big hands, but harder to conceal. (Not impossible, just harder) Micro, of course, is easier to conceal. But with that comes a smaller grip, higher recoil, less accuracy, less capacity, and often less variety in large calibers.

The accuracy and handling the recoil can be addressed with training. Many will say that caliber and capacity are not incredibly important. My point is not to argue the importance of these issues, but just to point them out. Everyone must consider for themselves how important each issue is and deal with them in a way that works best for them.

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