Full Size Beretta Px4 Storm, 9mm


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There have been several posts over time where people ask what a good gun for a woman is. And there are dozens of fantastic responses. Of course the individual seeking the firearm has to try as many as possible to figure this out. I wanted to add my two cents because I hadn't seen it as a suggestion before. I wouldn't consider this a firearm for CC, but as home defense pistol, absolutely.

I tried many pistols and revolvers and I am crazy about this firearm. Here's why: it has a rotating barrel which almost literally eliminates felt recoil. I found out about this gun because my husband has one in .40 cal. I used his for a Steel Match, ran 125 rounds through it, and had NO soreness whatsoever in my hand or wrist or shoulder. None! I decided to get the 9mm to reduce the lift so I can get on target faster. It will also be my bedside defense gun.

It's a pretty firearm, nice lines. It comes with 3 different sized backstraps (I use the medium and I have very small hands) and you don't have to pull the trigger to field-strip it for cleaning.

I have no affiliation with Beretta. I just feel so happy that I found a pistol that fits my hand so well, and it fires so accurately, and best of all, hardly any recoil.

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