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Heading to front sight course in a few months. I carry with a CT laser, wondering if I should remove it for the four day coarse. Any thoughts appreciated.


Heading to front sight course in a few months. I carry with a CT laser, wondering if I should remove it for the four day coarse. Any thoughts appreciated.

It's worth sending them a note asking, but I'd bet they'd prefer you remove, or at least disable, it. As the place is named, they really want focus on the front sight, particularly for the first level of classes. They're good at getting large groups of people up to speed on a particular shooting technique, so trying to keep everyone on the same baseline of fundamentals would probably be a priority for they'll want you using your sights and not getting distracted by other aids and such.
Did someone say FS now has real bathrooms with running water?! Honest?

The DVD they sent me last year "Front Sight Story- Chapter One: Your Legacy" has a copyright of 2004. Impressive DVD. Great production. An amazing sales piece. I was ready to sign up after viewing it. But that's my problem...I'm an impulse buyer. So I told myself I would sleep on it and ask others before I purchased. Then I got to thinking... In the DVD, Dr Piazza said that their membership doubles every year, they have more people attending their training than all other training courses combined. That sounds like they have a big cash flow. He also said his business was valued by investors at over 100 million dollars. Wow! That was 2004. Seven years later I wonder what the business is valued at now? Maybe 125, 150 or even 200 million?

So a little red flag that I see waving at me is this...7 years ago FS produced a DVD making these impressive claims of membership and worth, yet they still don't have running water. Please don't tell me that it's because they're so far from 'civilization'. Utilities are available to anyone who has the money to pay for the delivery of services. And according to Dr Piazza's own statement, his company was worth over 100 Million dollars back in 2004. And if membership has been growing as fast as he stated, don't you think they can pay for water service? If not, why not?

This isn't a personal attack on Dr Piazza so please don't misunderstand me. My intention is to express my own hesitation to invest in a business that continues to talk about all the new construction projects and yet most have not come to fruition seven years later. That makes me hesitant to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars in a company that isn't meeting it's publicly-stated goals. Call me cautious. Personally, I'm going to wait until I see more construction promises met before I invest in Front Sight.

This is just my opinion and everyone is welcome to disagree with me. Everyone should do what they feel is right and what their conscience allows them to do. My conscience tells me to wait, and so I'll follow my conscience and keep an eye on their progress.

I hope FS becomes all that Dr Piazza claimed it would be. I really do. That would be awesome!

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