Front Sight Training Institute


Sign up for the 4 day pistol course first, it's the basic training that will get you up to speed on your firearm to include carry concealed.

You will shoot about 1000 rounds of ammo over the 4 days so make sure you take enough factory ammo with you.

The days are long and include one night shoot with flashlight, so make sure you have a good tactical flash light with a fresh battery.


Yep. This is what I'd suggest, also. Take some granola bars (they'll have water and gatorade) to snack on, a jacket or whatever for concealment purposes and bring a great attitude. You're in for a good time!

Thanks for the good advice!

Thanks USMC guy and JJFlash for the great advice. If you think of anything else let me know. I am planning on signing up for the 4 day class first and then the CCW to add to my permit.
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Thanks USMC guy and JJFlash for the great advice. If you think of anything else let me know. I am planning on signing up for the 4 day class first and then the CCW to add to my permit.

Yeah, I just thought...take some spare mags, if you got 'em (you should have at least 3 mags), you're pretty much gonna be hustling to reload in between shoots. Last time I went (several weeks ago) I took a spare weapon, just in case. Didn't need it and you can rent there if your firearm becomes disabled, but a suggestion.

Also, you can buy ammo there, if need be. I didn't think there was much price difference between there and here at home. I bought all mine there, this last trip.
JJFlash, I have at least 4 Glock mags. Should I take them all? I also just bought a more suped up speedloader. I was reading how sore everyone's thumbs were getting. Good ideas?
And then..

Must be getting old and also:

Make sure you can load mags without the mag loading devices (use your hands and sore thumbs) saw several students that had a real problem on the night shoot as they did not either have enough spare loaded mags and they could not operate the mag loader tools in the dark - also it takes too long that way. Every break you have off the firing line top off your mags from loose rounds in your cargo pocket and you will always be in good shape, I did the class with just three mags but you had to work harder to keep your gun running.

As for ammo prices in the pro shop - if you are a Diamond Family Member it is true that ammo is reasonable $20.00 per box for 45 acp last week. If you are not a Diamond Member the same box of ammo of $34.00. If you are driving to Front Sight ammo should be no issue, if you have to fly in from Hawaii like I do then find a place to drop ship your ammo a week before your class - all the on line ammo guys will do that for ya.

Make sure you have a good Kydex holster such as Blade tech similar as you will be doing thousands for presentations and re-holstering during your course (no kidding). I had the junk XD holster than came in my gun kit and it sucked. I'd stay away from the Blackhawk holsters with push button retention as it slows you down and I've heard from another training site that they just stopped allowing their use due to some common safety issues that they found out about during classes with new students. Also make sure you have a good "shooting belt" that will hold all your junk in position for four days.

If you don't like to haul your food everyday the Cafe that supplies box lunches to Front Sight is very nice, but may seem pricy at $12.00 - you can order on line for the whole 4 day course and they are in the main building with you lunch and drinks each day - was really a big time saver when you are doing 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. each day .

Gun cleaning kit is nice as they do not allow any gun cleaning on the site, you will need to clean your gun at the hotel and they get really dirty over the course - make sure the rails on your auto loader has some type of gun lube as I heard this was one of the main issues with FTF in these courses according to Justin who teaches the Master Prep Course.

Don't come home and brag to your wife or significant other about how long the days were, how early you had to get up each day, how hot/cold it was, the portopotties, and how sore you were - one of my class mates did that after the 4 day and his wife now has zero interest in attending any training courses.
USMC Guy is on the money:

I took my wife to the 4-day class (she had never fired a weapon of any sort in her life), kinda as a surprise. She's a great sport; noted that the 1st day or 2 was pretty long and nerve-wracking, but after that, she had a blast. But, yeah, if you want your wife to ever go, just tell her what a great time you had (and you will!)

Load using your thumb (does get a little raw, but nothing unmanageable, I loaded 1 or 2 less than a full mag each time because of stiff springs); you're gonna end up having several mags running, and keeping a fistful of bullets in your pocket so you're not running back to the table everytime you need to load up a mag.

Don't use a button-release holster. I showed up with my Mernickle slide holster and was told it couldn't be used. They convinced me that while it as OK for CC, not a good tactical holster. So, no Blade Techs were available for the XD, and I ended up buying an ITAC with the frickin' button release. As I was not used to it, it really slowed my reaction times; I ended up wedging a small piece of cardboard under the release, effectively negating it, which worked all right. So, make sure you take a good tactical holster with you as you don't know what might be in stock.

The $12.00 food box seems expensive, but they put enough food in there to last me all afternoon and into the evening ride back to Vegas, so I thought it was cost-effective enough.
Thanks again guys! That is some awesome advice! I just sent away yesterday for the kel tech 9 mm pistol from Front Sight. I'll look around at the next gun show in our area for the needed equipment. I have a couple of holsters for my glock 27 but they probably aren't going to be the best for this training. If you think of any other equipment that is needed let me know. I am going to look for all the suggested brands before I go but I will try to save a couple of bucks if possible. The days sound exhausting!
I just upgraded to a Diamond membership and now have an extra pocket pistol lifetime membership to sell. It entitles you to lifetime entry into the 2 or 4 day defensive class and the CCW class.
Hi Guys and Gals,

Just joined today so 'new guy' here at usacarry. This is my first post so I'll try to make it thoughtful.

I've enjoyed reading this entire thread on FS. Some of you apparently attended FS back in 2007 and others more recently. It's nice to read about your experiences there. Have any of you attended a class this year in 2010?

If you've attended in 2010, I'd like to know if the FS facilities have progressed since 2007, e.g. running water to the property, toilet buildings, RV hookups on site, refrigerators, etc.

Also, did you notice any visible sign of new construction happening on the property, e.g. Gunsmith shop, indoor ranges, simulators, hotel, air strip, housing, etc. like they described in their promotional DVD?

Some people have told me to stay away from FS, others like you say the training is good. I'd really like to hear from anyone who has attended FS in the last few months for an update please. A week long training is a big commitment financially and chronologically so I want to make the best choices for my time and money.

I also noticed that there are FS banners on this site. Doesn't that have some influence on the moderator's and admin's support for FS? Seems like it could have some influence because you may not want to lose an advertiser by posting a truthful yet unflattering comment about them. What I mean to say is, I hope the mods and admins will post honest truthful observations and opinions about FS regardless of their advertising status.

My emotions tell me to spend the money and take their class, and maybe even spend 5K to become a member. The intellect tells me to slow down, do more investigations, trust but verify, and ask former students for their opinions.

So that's what I'm doing. I hope I didn't offend anyone. Thanks for letting me post!

who else were you expecting?!
2010 Front Site

Yep, I was just their for the Masters Class in Dec, at that time the range I was on was as usual porta potties with water for hand washing. Didn't notice much of anything else, but I was here to train not inspect. I don't think you will find any better training anywhere at least on handguns (which is all I train on). If you are here for the resort stuff (air strip, hotel,) and such that conversation has been going on for several years - I would just concentrate on the training. The ranges and staff are first rate just like the training. I just upgraded to Diamond membership this year.
Yep, I was just their for the Masters Class in Dec, at that time the range I was on was as usual porta potties with water for hand washing. Didn't notice much of anything else, but I was here to train not inspect. I don't think you will find any better training anywhere at least on handguns (which is all I train on). If you are here for the resort stuff (air strip, hotel,) and such that conversation has been going on for several years - I would just concentrate on the training. The ranges and staff are first rate just like the training. I just upgraded to Diamond membership this year.

Once again, USMCguy and I are in complete agreement. I was also at FS in December and concur with the experience and advice that USMCguy posted above. You will NOT be disappointed.
Thanks USMCguy and JJF. Glad to hear from someone who was recently there.

My trepidation stems from the fact that they appear to be bringing in 'more students that all other schools combined' and 'doubling their training' every year but can't afford to install basic plumbing? To me, that sings of a bad 'master plan' and marketing hype instead of substance.

If you both feel you got your monies worth in the classes, then that's what I'm looking for first and foremost. Quality training.

I spent 7 years in the service teaching basic marksmanship training. Do you feel I'll actually learn something in these 4 days or will I just be hearing the same things I've taught others?

Thanks again!
Front Sight training

Well my background is former Marine, police officer and current NRA Pistol Instructor - with more than 35 years of combat and tactical pistol shooting including time with special units both USMC and Police Department. They will make you faster, better and more accurate even with all the previous training I had received. Of course I had lots of bad habits to break as well since my drawing style was adverse to Front Sights method - which as it turns out is much, much faster. If you visit the site for training ask if their is a Masters Class shooting that weekend, go watch them for 5 minutes you will be shocked at the speeds required.

If you already have some skills, then you should be able to shoot Distinguished Graduate on the 4 day course the first time out - which I did using the Springfield XD they gave me with their training - gun package.

When I took the masters class in Dec, I saw that their was just no way to make the times and shots required using any other methods other than what they teach here.

I have also seen plenty of active duty LE at the classes from all different size (state, local and federal) agencies and the folks I talked with had the same opinion of the level of training as did I.

If you want to get your feet wet, buy the gun training package for a grand or see if you can pick up a 4 day class certificate from a Diamond Member, they sometimes go for around $200.00 - then see what you think of the ranges and instruction.
Hi USMC guy,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences of FS relative to your personal training and background. Your post was exactly what I was looking for. That's quite a recommendation!

I will certainly take your advice and suggestion and look for a member who would sell me a training cert. If the training it half as good as you say it is, I'll probably purchase a lifetime membership too.

BTW, thank you for your service as an LEA and as a Marine!

Thanks again for your help!

An update

I attended the two day advanced handgun course and then shot the four day handgun course so I could get 6 days of shooting in on the same trip at the end of May. The advanced course is very worthwhile and includes shooting from a vehicle (parked of course), proper dismount (without shooting your self or partner), weapons retention, fun house, night shooting, the proper way to pistol whip a bad guy, multi-target, shooting on the run, and such. The four day course was a repeat for me but it's always nice to see if the training program repeats what you were initially given - and if was consistent. The site was the same, multiple ranges (for the advanced course) great instructors, lots of shooting.

As for the site running so many students, yes it can be a busy weekend with 500-600 students attending but they seem to have an exhaustive number of ranges all over the place and porta potties seem like luxury for an old Marine - it's a range facility not a hotel.
My Grown Son and I attended Front Sight the 1st time last September for their introductory 2-day course. Learned lots and had overall the best father-son vacation possible. The facilities are not the best if you're looking for comfort, but that's not why we were there. You will learn a lot and will be surprised if you don't want to go back early & often. Excellent instruction on the range & classroom.

We stayed in Pahrump at the Golden Nugget. They gave discount for Front Sight and were very gracious about firearms & all. Cheap supper there in the casino buffet. Get ammo from elsewhere if you can. We bought Front Sight ammo, twice the price what I can get at my local Wal-mart.

We hated the box lunches that were brought in. If we hadn't already bought & paid for them we would of bought peanut butter sandwiches & granola bars the 2nd day.

Have fun, wish I was heading back soon
Anyone have suggestions for my first trip to Frontsight in June?

I would like any advice for my upcoming trip to insight. Thanks.
My trip was great! Nothing but professional instructors and total safety at all times. Every walk of life was there as well as every ethnic group. The coolest thing was seeing an 75+ lady in a walker, taking the defensive handgun course. They tape her holster and mags to the walker! I learned a lot and was willing to be retaught in there method. It was very effective and I was able to draw quickly and accurately on my target. I did very well in the simulated shooting in the house situation. And oh wife was a better shot than me. I have a diamond membership and it was well worth the price. If you have any questions be sure to ask.
FS has put in a bunch of new ranges and has installed real bathrooms and has an on site food vendor.
FS is way out in the middle of nowhere so getting running water to the site was a challenge. Once you go and see how far they are from anything else, you will understand.
FS seems to have some big changes coming up soon. At least that is what their most recent marketing information has to say.

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