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Has anybody utilized Front Sight training?

Thanks in advance

Both my wife and I have attended both 4 day and 2 day Defensive Handgun courses there multiple times. I thought the instruction was excellent, and learned or practiced something new every time. I only wish there were closer locations so I could drive there...
I went there for a 2 day defensive handgun class. It was great! Lots of information. Laws. Shooting. They have lots of offers for "memberships" at different levels where you can take some or all their classes. Get on their mailing list & you'll get a zillion emails. The do a pitch to sell memberships. When I went they were offering housing to live there. Seems a bit far fetched. A lot of people don't mention FrontSight when they talk of shooting school. You mostly hear of Gunsite, ThunderRanch, SigAcademy. Haven't been to any of those. They don't offer low price classes.
Been there twice for the 4 day defensive handgun class, first time in 2008, the again in 2012. Training is great although I have nothing to compare it to. Both times I was in a class of about 40 people. We had a lead instructor and 2 additional helper instructors. All were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I particularly liked the professional and patient approach that they took with both male and female noobies.

Not only was the range training great, but the classroom talks about law, personal defense, liability, fight or flee decisions, weapons, etc., were very informative.

I can say nothing negative about the training experience. On the other hand, as previously noted, the marketing of FrontSight by email and sometimes by snail mail can be annoying, but I suppose they need to continue to generate revenue somehow after selling so many lifetime memberships.
Been there, done that, will go again and again.
Wanna take the 4 day full auto m-16 or Uzi class. ( (They provide the weapons)
I am a Diamond Member, and can get diamond lifetime memberships cheap, so all my friends are members also. We live in las Vegas and make it group functions . We call it the Disneyland for gun owners.
I'm now an ambassador.....if I can only find time and $ to go. Rumor has it that an East Texas location will be up and running in 2013.

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