From a VA resident: Why live in MD?

Start by securing your Utah or Florida non resident CCP. Information is found at the top of the page. After that look into professional trainer, costly but VERY helpful in MD. PM me if needed.

I may be wrong but I think the left loves the 14th Amendment. They like to throw it around, that is to say if a Communistic/Marxist all controlling big bro wishes to have a law, Kalifornia is great at doing this, then the rest of the Country must follow. If I may marry a scarecrow in my state, then this marriage must be recognized in the next. Any comments on my reasoning that it this is true? If I may walk down the street in Phoenix with an AR/AK/100rnd Glock Klip, then why would I not be able to open carry in Chicago?

I never thought about going the professional trainer interesting point

Understand, I don't like the fact that I had to go that route but the pro does have the track record...and in our state it's not easy to get a CCP.
So consult with someone first explain your situation get a price and let them come up with the solution. It will not be cheap. Also we are getting close to be a shall issue state possibly this spring
might be worth the wait. Hint: Follow the Florida requirements for Maryland and yearly certified live fire qualifications on your own it's a big plus. just sayin!

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