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Forgive me, but the other 2nd Amendment blog just has too many posts to get to the heart of the matter. I'm not suggesting anyone bail out of the other, but this new one might help us straighten out our thoughts and write them more eloquently. The last thing we need are the Feds deciding we are a bunch of isolated yoyo's. Spouting slogans and correcting the police isn't working; we need to bring a positive slant to gun ownership. It should be treated as a duty and an honor. We, the citizens of the United States of America, are not to be taken lightly, nor will we be treated as sheep. No country in the world commands the respect and loyalty of it's citizens as does the USA, and the 2nd Amendment (hell, lets admit it: all the amenmdments except for one, and it's gone) is an integral reason for that loyalty.

While the other countries hate us for all we've done to them (education, medical attention, taught them how to grow food, turned their barren deserts into money faucets that never shut off, so what?), t he Brits and the Aussies turned their guns right over, just like the Germans, Italians, Japanes, Russians, Jews, Romanians, and every other society that went from decent to total corruption at the highest leve all the way down. And it only worked AFTER the guns were taken Thnk about it. The emergency of the day is ammunition shortage; did the military stop selling it's used brass to the ammo makers? And why can't I find primers? Why does a $17/box of .45ACP cost over $30 now? The most important part of "well regulated" is being able to hit what you're shooting at. How do I train to put a six-pack in a quarter at, say, 30 feet if I can't get any bullets I can afford?

I suspect some of us are home-sitters (I am) due to physical problems in the world. Others are stand-up members of the communities. anyone who shoots, makes a living selling, making ammo for, repairing and refinishing, or just saying the thing is no good: thriow it away before it kills you or someone else. My pharmasist. Cop friends. We value our right to "keep and bear arms" (2nd Amendment, US Constitution). The Bad Guys do, too. If my history is correct, every government that has disarmed it's citizens, after a suitable "adjustment period", has forcibly taken over the political dominance. Millions have been killed, tortured, raped, maimed. maimd so on, AND IT HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE THE RECORDED HISTORY OF MAN. We (whoever that is) are not alone, and neither are "they". however, the numbers don't add up: unarmed society: millions dead or permantly FUBAR. Armed society: several thousand killed or crippled every year, including innocent passersby and children. Just for gits and shiggles, look up the number killed in, say, Plo Pot's regime, and then average the total number of Americans killed in nefarious (or any) shooting incidents in the last 100 years; wars don't count.

Send that to your Congresspeople and Senators; it won;t make any diference, but at least we can say we did everything we could.

Let's be straight here: guns are made for killing. Every hole I punch in whatever I'm shooting at is in direct training to kill someone. I train a lot; you don't want to know. But in the 36 years I have carried a pistol, I have pulled one perhaps four times, and never found it necessary to fire; I grrew up in the NRA, they had assemblies at school, and sponsored kids shooting classes; as far as I am concerned, firearm safety, etc., should be taught inj school, the earlier the better. Children should grow up with a reverence for their side-arm, not contempt.

If I have to actually shoot someone, my pistol has failed in all but the most extreme cases. Make no mistake, I think on my feet, and there are at least two characters still alive that wouldn't be had I fired. And both situations resolved themselves. The other two were: get hassled, threatened, show or produce firearm, watch BGs run. Anyone who won't pull the trigger if absolutely necessary has no business carrying one. Nor, I think, should an " If it comes out, someone's getting shot," frame of mind either. Even the police don't shoot every time they draw down on you; trust me.

I believe I will get permission from the local "shooting range" owner to bring a group of Minute Men; that means they only drilled for a minute, and they were ready to fight; once or twice a month to ...shoot. Maybe get an NRA, police, or Sheriffs Deputy to give an occassional talk about the state of the rules in effect at that time. We'd qualify as a "well-regulated militia", if only for the simple fact that we had goal-related meetings. We would not, however, be a scab police force, doing all the ... never mind. Let's just leave it that our only function is the "preservatin of a free state" (2nd Amendment, US Constitution, basis for our form of government. I believe it is in the public domain).

Any comments are welcome. KBV

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