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Uniting the American Right Freedom Force ~ Taking Back America

By JB Williams Friday, November 13, 2009
On October 19, 2009 I released an idea in a column titled Time for the Tea Party to become Tangible and that message resonated with thousands of American patriots. Reader support for the idea was astounding and three columns later, we had assembled a team to test launch the idea, gauging reach and level of support for the concept.

For the last week or so, we have been gauging support at a pre-launch pledge site and the results are very telling. We established a pledge goal of $10 million and a deadline of November 11, 2009.

At first glance, that might seem like an overly ambitious goal, attempting to raise $10 million in less than ten days, from $100 donors via the internet. However, just last November, almost 60 million Americans voted against this Marxist onslaught in DC and even more than that stand opposed today.

If only half or 30 million got behind such a movement to unite the right in a tangible strategy for regaining control of our FED, $10 million could be raised in a day at a rate less than a $1.00 per donor. If 30 million donors gave $100 each, we would have a $3 billion dollar war chest and the patriots would have the power to regain control of their government very quickly.

While we have not hit the original pledge goal, we have made serious headway and it is now quite clear that American patriots understand the need to unite in the common defense of freedom and liberty, above all else.

Thousands of pledges have come in from all across the country…
Donors are allowed to pledge any amount they want and so far, pledges are averaging $85 per donor, only slightly below the target average of $100. Not everyone can spare $100 today, while others are happy to pledge much more.

As a real “people’s” movement, all are welcome and all are of equal importance, as it is what we might accomplish together that matters.

In total, we have made it less than halfway to the target of $10 million in pledges. So, we are not yet at a place where we can launch such a massive initiative. However, we have made it far enough to continue trying to unite the right in a tangible “game changer.”

More specific information about the team and the strategy is available on the FAQ Page of the pledge site. Most important is the answer to the common question, - “why do we need to raise so much money?”

Answer – “The $10 million dollar pledge goal is only the beginning. Much more will be needed to accomplish the single goal of returning control of the FED to the people and the states, limited by constitutional text. In the 2008 election cycle, leftist 527 organizations raised and spent $261,906,246 to push their agenda forward. By contrast, right-leaning groups raised and spent only $149,746,601 and 3rd Party 527’s raised and spent only $195,332. Do you need any further explanation about the money thing? He with the gold makes the rules… any more questions about how we got where we are today?”

This answer really addresses two questions – why we need to unite with adequate funding, and why we cannot afford to waste precious resources on divisive 3rd party fantasies.

The numbers in the answer above are based only on 527 Groups in the 2008 election cycle. Even more leftist advantage exists when all PAC and direct campaign funds are added to the equation.

Obama raised $745 million as compared to McCain’s dismal $368 million in 2008. So, not only did the left have a 2-to-1 advantage in actual campaign treasuries, they had more than a 3-to-1 advantage in PAC and 527 organizations.

To sum it up, the left puts their money where their mouth is and as a result, those who are willing to put up the gold, get to make all of the rules.

The Freedom Force strategy is quite simple…
America is on the auction block and anti-American socialist thugs are well on course to buy it. If American patriots don’t pony up and buy if first, they will have only themselves to blame for losing their nation to international control. We aim to replace career DC elitists with real patriots like Congressional candidate Lieutenant Colonel West and end the current assault on all American values.

Our pledge rate is VERY strong, with over 90% of those contacting us making a pledge of support. But we have not met our initial goal because our message is NOT reaching the masses yet.

The people, who have heard the call to unite, pledge and join a “game changing” strategy to seize control of the federal government before it seizes control of all U.S. industry and individual liberty, are rushing to unite behind the Freedom Force initiative.

But not enough people have heard the call yet and as a result, we are well short of the pledge goal necessary to launch the strategy.

Progress is Being Made

The Freedom Force message is just now beginning to spread beyond our own reach and out to patriots across the land through the many Tea Party – 912 and Town Hall organizations. Like these movements themselves, it has been a “grassroots” effort to spread the word throughout the more than 2000 individual organizations out there.

In some cases, the organizers have jumped on-board and sent the message to their mail lists calling upon their members to unite with Freedom Force in this endeavor.

But in most cases, it has been members and state leaders who have taken it upon themselves to spread the Freedom Force news with other patriots who understand the very real need to unite in a common effort under a common goal and united strategy.

We have been asked by many groups to extend the pledge period and not to shut down the effort just because we did not hit the pledge goal by the initial deadline.

The Freedom Force Team agrees!

This is a worthwhile endeavor and the early support has been sufficient to justify staying the course and extending the pledge period. In fact, the broad support from patriots across the nation demonstrates that conservatives, constitutionalists, libertarians, independents and pro-American democrats are ready to unite!

Only two challenges stand in the way of Freedom Force…

The ability to spread the word to the masses
Blocking all efforts to divide the people

Until we reach the initial pledge goal, we must rely on patriot word-of-mouth to spread the Freedom Force story. It is a people’s initiative which must rise up from the support of the people, both in funding and in commitment to active participation. Even after hitting the initial goal amount, very limited funds will be used to spread the word further. We want 95% of all funds raised going to the intended end use.

So, it is up to American patriots to make sure that this initiative spreads across the patriot movement like wildfire.

Next, is blocking any and all efforts to keep the patriots divided. Numerous efforts to keep the right divided are in play - both inside and outside of the movement itself.

Divided, the American right is a collection of splintered minority groups and they are being treated as such, like small fringe groups with a special interest axe to grind. Only when they unite in common, rallied around fundamental American principles and values do they become a force to be reckoned with.

Freedom Force seeks not to challenge the autonomy of any existing organization, but rather to unite patriots from all organizations promoting a return to constitutional self-governance in a united top-down strategy that will open the door for all grassroots initiatives to take hold in a real and tangible way.

Freedom Force is about uniting the right, not further dividing it.

But to accomplish this, two things MUST happen. All efforts to divide or stop the right from uniting MUST be overcome, and patriots MUST take an active roll in making sure that the initiative to unite is spread to every American patriot by whatever venue or means necessary.

As a result, permission to reprint, post, link or otherwise distribute this message is hereby granted, so long as the entire message and context of the message remains intact.

Join us at Freedom Force today and then help us spread the word from sea to shining sea!

We are up against these heavy hitters and many more like them, and they mean business!

American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees - $41,499,471
Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - $31,269,396
Goldman Sachs - $31,253,862
American Assn for Justice - $31,224,929
National Education Assn - $30,020,575
Laborers Union - $28,689,100
Service Employees International Union - $27,803,957
Carpenters & Joiners Union - $27,641,258
Teamsters Union - $27,533,804
Communications Workers of America - $26,940,146
American Federation of Teachers - $26,281,221
United Auto Workers - $25,767,002
Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union - $24,952,277
United Food & Commercial Workers Union - $24,011,826
EMILY’s List - $21,025,196
Time Warner - $20,097,073
National Assn of Letter Carriers - $19,369,534
AFL-CIO - $18,103,217
Sheet Metal Workers Union - $16,997,563
Operating Engineers Union - $16,277,600
Plumbers & Pipefitters Union - $16,131,511
International Assn of Fire Fighters - $15,833,143
Air Line Pilots Assn - $15,564,027
United Transportation Union - $13,537,745
United Steelworkers - $13,512,447
Ironworkers Union- $13,085,525

Just “look for the union label!”

Remember when those ads were on every network pushing American consumers to not only “buy American,” but “buy union” made products. This is the thanks we get for following that message for too many years…

Still think our $10 million goal is overly ambitious? These groups are investing these amounts in support of –

•Nationalized Health Care
•Amnesty for Illegals
•Cap and Trade
•Climate Control & the Copenhagen Treaty
•Gun Control
•Global Socialism
They are winning! This is how they are winning…

Get in the GAME! The pledge period is extended to December 15, 2009

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