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Yeah I know this is USA Carry, a place where we all gather to talk guns and tales of those who use or mis-use them. But some patrons may appreciate a freeware Periodic Table showing every element known in a stunning array of user friendly variables, if you work with metals, acids, gasses, or chemicals of any kind linked with your shooting hobby, your job or for OSHA compliance, or just curiosity I'd recommend this very nicely done full screen/searchable and concise bit of lo-Ram usage freeware.
It's called 'Periodic Table 3.6' takes up 41.8 MB of hard-drive space with a full install, they have a lite version I haven't used, places an icon on your desk-top or you can choose to go with one just a link to it in your 'Start' 'Programs' pull-up menu. No ads, nags or bugs.
I've found a lot of uses for it, and it's well worth the download if not for fun, then educate your kids/spouse or M8's. The download file is 13.6MB's and called ptinstaller.exe . Here is where you can find it:
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Even tells you the complete history of say gold, AU, it's atomic weight, who 1st found it, where and what its been used for. From Actinium to Zirconium you will find it in there with a real good data search, more info than Einstein had about it and a great Graphic User Interface in large screen 3-D color.


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