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this is a book by mel tappan who is known as the father of survivalism. the book is nearly 30 yrs old, but still full of useful info.

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I read his work in magazines and books years ago. Great books-especially considering the time and situation. A lot of what Tappan recommended is outdated now, but much is still very useful. For those who've not read him, here's your chance. I'll read through it again--I'm pretty sure it will be an enjoyable experience. It's a shame he's not still around.

Thanks for the link.

Boris I already told you this but for the rest of you when I read his book back in the early 80's there was one thing he said that stood out to me. He said and I paraphrase "if you store food and your neighbor stores guns and ammo when the crap hits the fan he will have his guns and your food".
I now have this saved on a CD and I am going to save some of the things festus and others have brought to my attention on this forum. I want to get a good library on Cd's saved to complement my book library. The info may serve us well one day so thanks to all that have contributed and keep it up.

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