Freaking out about 'bama laws!

The Code of Alabama, Archangel, leaves knife laws up to municipalities and cities and counties, whereas State law over-rides all of those where firearms are concerned. To echo others, Alabama is technically a May-Issue state, but in practice it is Shall-Issue. My sheriff sends me a postcard every year to remind me to renew my permit. Also, the restrictions on SBRs and SBSs have been lifted, so with the appropriate Federal approval, you can run those if you wish.

You should find it easier to work with here than it looks from Indiana where guns are concerned, but it will be more difficult with knives. Either a belt carry or a blade 3" or under should be okay in most every place in the state, though.

Hi I was born in Kentucky but My great great great great grandfather was part of the confederate army and was in Alabama and my great great great great great great grandfather was a colonist in America and settled in Alabama I have lived in Birmingham, Alabama the majority my life (10 years I'm turning thirteen in September this year and my mom got me a Balisong (Trainer) and my friend who's is a couple years older has a Karambit, Balisong, Katana, Battle Axe (two bladed axe) a huge Bayonet (most likely for his m9 or his dads ar-15, etc.) all of the knives he has are real and can cut stab slice, etc all he had to do was get permit I was there once I think and the sheriff ask what for and he said for self defense and for martial arts training and for walk hangers (which means basically a collectible) and that's al he had to do and for a gun all you need is a permit also you need a permit for a silencer hope y'all are doing well in Alabama also Push Daggers are aloud.

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