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A person is justified in using reasonable physical force on another person to defend himself or a third person from what he reasonably believes to be the use or imminent use of physical force. The defender may use the degree of force he reasonably believes is necessary to defend himself or a third person. But deadly physical force cannot be used unless the actor reasonably believes that the attacker is using or about to use deadly physical force or inflicting or about to inflict great bodily harm.

Additionally, a person is not justified in using deadly physical force if he knows he can avoid doing so with complete safety by:

1. retreating, except from his home or office in cases where he was not the initial aggressor or except in cases where he is assisting a peace officer at the officer's directions;

2. surrendering possession to property the aggressor claims to own; or

3. obeying a demand that he not take an action he is not otherwise required to take.

Lastly, a person is not justified in using physical force when (1) with intent to cause physical injury or death to another person, he provokes the person to use physical force, (2) use of such force was the product of a combat by agreement not specifically authorized by law, or (3) he is the initial aggressor (unless he withdraws from the encounter, effectively communicates this intent to the other person, and the other person continues to or threatens to use physical force) (CGS § 53a-19).

Thanks for the info. This will help as we're currently working on gathering and confirming all state information for the site.
Yah we are having a good little thread over on the Kel Tec forum centered on the CT laws. It is important to note provision 1, which says you DO in fact need to retreat in CT before using force, unless you are in your home or office.
Well I'm new here And I have a knee replacement and can't retreat. So I guess it sucks to be him.:eek:

I need a friend like you!

I would also point out that in the law it says if one can retreat with COMPLETE SAFETY. In other words, if I try to back off or run and they give chase or allude to what a reasonable person would consider giving chase, then you do have the right to stand your ground. Besides, if the guy's dead who's to say he didn't threaten as such!? Just kidding.... I'd like to think that if I had to use my firearm that I would be perfectly justified in doing so. Unfortunately i'm sure there are those who were justified, but could not explain themselves properly and were punished.
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