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As a follow up to my post, what type of loads do you have in your J frame? I have a box of MagTech 158 grain +P SJHP. With ammunition especially self defense rounds so hard to find I was able to pick up a box of 50 of the above round for around $25.00. What do you think of this round for self defense.

Thank you

I prefer Speer Golddot "Short Barrel Personal Protection"... 135gr+P 860fps and 222fpe at the muzzle of a 2" bore with VERY low muzzle flash and very controllable recoil.

Designed from the ground up for the snubbie revolver. My 642 absolutely loves em. Can hold a 5 shot 2-3" group out to 20 yards fairly easy.
on a snub nose revolver you cant go wrong with with 158grain bullets. come on it's a gun of last resort who cares about the amount of recoil. and a heavy bullet at decent velocity alway makes me happy. plus for 25 dollars u got your self a box of 50 what a deal.
I'm loaded with some old 180grn Black Talons left over from my LE days, very low powder flash and mine has Mag-N-Port job. Let lots of air in and lots of blood out.

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