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So I was at the range one Sunday afternoon, and picked up a Fobus Paddle Holster (C-21) for $26. I figured what the heck, it's cheap enough... I'm not using if for concealed carry, basically for when I'm at the range. I have to say, I'm actually impressed with it!

I thought that with it being "Cheap Plastic" (as I hear from so many people) that 1) I wouldn't like it, or 2) it would break after a short amount of time. Man was I wrong!

The holster fits my old 1911 like a glove, nice and snug, but not too tight. The "cheap plastic" is not cheap at all - it's extremely heavy duty, and has held up very well so far! I love having the paddle instead of the belt holster for range use. Easy to slide on, and easy to slide off.

I'm a big guy - 6'2" - 265 lbs. and let me just say, this holster felt good on my side. I literally forgot I had the thing on! It has a nice cant to it, allowing easy drawing / re-holstering.

All in all, it was a great $26.00, and I'm very happy with it!

Here's some pics - sorry the quality is low - cell phone camera...

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That video floating around on this site and on youtube of the Fobus holster being ripped off the guy's pants is problematic. For one, the video shows the guy open carrying; because these holsters do not have any active retention devices they cannot and should not be used for open carry. I own one for the Hi Point that I used to carry and must say that I like it. As long as I'm wearing a belt that holds the paddle securely against my body, it holds the gun well. It is a good value for the money. I'm also considering purchasing one or one like it for my Glock 22.
you know - that video, is of the Roto Paddle if I'm not mistaken. The Roto function adds a great deal of weakness...
I agree,

I had one for my Taurus 24/7 Pro in .40S&W, but I sold the gun. I like the Fobus holsters, but they "are what they are" and they are not meant as stated above for open carry. You need a retention holster for open carry. They are okay for concealed carry, but they don't seem to be close enough to the body for me. That's just my .02 worth...
I have one for a Makarov that is very comfortable and great for the range. Just pretty useless for CCW because it angles outward from the body. Mine is the roto model that you can adjust the cant. That may actually angle outward more than a non-roto.
Maybe it's because of my love-handles that it rides close to me, but as you can see in the picture, it's nice and snug. Plus with the "wings" or "teeth" on the paddle, it's in there nice and tight - can't just slide it off. I'm happy anyway! :)
Looks like it rides a lot closer and tighter than my roto model. I might have to try one.
Thanks for posting.

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