FNP 45 Tactical


OC for Tactical Advantage
Anyone have any first hand experience with this firearm? How much did you spend for one? Did you have a hard time finding one (black or tan)?

I was saving up for a new 1911...but then re-evaluated my needs and options.

.45 ACP
SA/DA (Cocked and locked with manual safety)
Second strike capability (DA)
Threaded barrel (to actually use with a suppressor)
Decocker is a plus

Any other firearm that will fit the bill nicely?

Recommendations to date: HK USP (more expensive), various 1911's (no second strike ability, heard that suppressors are hard on 1911's), CZ97 (no SA Cocked and locked)


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After the "stored image in my brain" grew stronger, I finally ordered the FNP-45 TACTICAL in Dark Earth this past APRIL. (The black finish on the one in the store did not appear that well to me. I held my breath for the 2 day order period, and it turned out well.)
I beleive it was $1060. before tax. I have no regrets buying the FN with the 3x15 round mags included versus
buying some blend of a 1911 etc., since I own a Colt & a Kimber. Teardown/re-assembly of the FNP-45T is a breeze vs reassembly of the typical 1911's, at least for me.
Since I carry a 1911 3" or short barrel .357 CCW, I typically shoot at no more than 10 meters at the range twice weekly, with occassional sprints to 20 mtrs.. I would buy the FNP-45 again; No Regrets. Good luck. JimSr


OC for Tactical Advantage
Lol 50...marketing ploy ya but its the name that designates the options I want. They could of named it comp or sport or fuzzy bunnies, but they went with tactical, I don't really care either way, what its called. FNP < FNP USG < FNP tactical...each one brings more attributes to the firearm.

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