flying with your firearm

Check and double check the handgun laws in the country you are traveling to. Many places will allow you to bring a long gun but not a handgun. Do not assume that if your rifle is ok the handgun will be as well!

You must be speaking of New York....

You must be speaking of New York....
Yes this is true. People are supposed to be able to travel uninterrupted through NYS but they get arrested anyway. There was a poster some time back who asked for help because he was arrested as soon as he landed. I think he eventually got away but NYC went way over the line on this.

My biggest beef with my own state is its refusal to recognize other state CCW permits. A man's good nature doesn't change just because he went on vacation.
I fly frequently around the U.S. and always carry at least two firearms. As previously stated, it is no big deal. I would however disagree about informing the agent about anything. I would just simply request a firearms declaration. Many airline counter personnel do not know the rules, so often you have to walk them through the process. Not all airports function the same. At Chicago's O'Hare, a porter is called to your check-out location and transports the luggage with the firearm to a designated TSA location. After it is x-rayed, TSA releases it back to the porter and the TSA stamped case is taken to a special belt. I always stay with that piece of luggage until I see it go down the final belt. At other airports like Portland, OR, once you check in, you wheel your luggage over to the regular TSA unit, let them know there's a declared firearm. They run it through and wish you a happy trip. My only US airport which was a problem was a regional airport in NY. (Ithaca) TSA was called when I asked for a firearms declaration. Two showed up, and then after seeing I had two handguns and a AR-10, had the agent summon "local law-enforcement." A county sheriff's deputy came over, asked if I like the AR-10, and then asked if he could photocopy my credentials. Although totally unnecessary and probably out of policy for everyone there, I opted to maintain a friendly relationship with all and cooperated with his request. Later I heard the NY state has some very restrictive ideas about firearms, thus, I suspect that was what all of the added drama was about.

In my experience, the only real thing to worry about is making sure your firearm is unloaded, and most airlines like ammo in factory boxes, so I have used the same box for almost a decade. Also, not using the terms "gun" or "weapon." There are unfortunately lot's of people with limited to know idea re: firearms, and worse, those with wrong ideas.

I totally agree with the previous entry that encouraged getting to the luggage area a.s.a.p. At least 50% of the time, my piece containing the firearm case comes out right away. Stolen guns would really turn a trip into a real pain.
I traveled with a 30-30 rifle on American Airlines from STL. I just had to check the case it was in, show that the rifle was completely unloaded and travel with the action open. The case also had to have a lock on it. I had a hard pelican case that I had it in, just in case the airlines decided to be a little rough with it, with loading and unloading. But overall, it wasn't a big deal. Got the rifle through security just fine, and got it in baggage claim just fine. Not as big of a hassle as I would have thought.
Next month I have a trip and this will be my first time flying with my firearm. I have a resident CWP from SC and a CWP from AZ. I'm flying from SC to Philly and then driving to NJ. I own a house there so I can legally transport it locked in the trunk into NJ from the airport. The AZ permit covers me for PA, so I shouldn't have any problems at a PA airport, right? Are they going to want to see my carry permits at the airport?

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