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Hi All Thought I would start a new thread on CCW Permit status for Florida. I mailed out my application on Tue Sept. 15,2009 Sent Certified mail. Dept of Agr. signed for it today 17 sept 09 Anyone else just mail out theirs lets keep time line going so that, we all have a good Idea for new members or poeple who want to know how long it takes to get their Florida CCW. Also, Took 7 days door to door for me to get my PA ( LTCF) out of Centre County For Those of you Interested. thanks

Don't expect it in 7 days in FL :) My wife just received hers over the weekend, we mailed the correct and complete paperwork in Feb. Over 5 months wait.
Dad sent his in a while back. Took nine months. The first attempt the fingerprints weren't readable so he had to send in another set.
I just got a letter today claiming the prints were unreadable. I'm having them done Monday then the waiting game starts again I guess.
Thanks to all who have responded. my Check was Cashed on Monday 21 Sep 09 4 days after receiving Application Im now at 18 Days Total. I will keep updating Info as I get it. Hope all of you have an great day And, may God Bless all of you And, your families..

P.S. Our Archery Season Opens in 10 Days. Cant wait!!!:pleasantry:
Renew of permit

OK, Here is one I'll let you know about. I was sent my renewal paperwork from Fla. in July but just did not have the $107 total, $42 for finger print and $65 for renewal. Now the official time out is on Sept. 20th. I probably won't be going on vacation again this year, you know, the "ECONOMY" and all; but I want to have my non-res because it covers the rest of the states that my resident does't. I'll let you all know how this is going in December.
Got it...

It came the other day at 31 days. I was pleasantly surprised! I kept hearing horror stories of it may be takeing longer than 60. Way to go FLORIDA!:laugh:
Hello All,

I called Dept of Agr. on Weds October 28, 2009 spoke with lady on phone She said my Application was completed But, There was a problem 21 years ago I was Arrested Keep in mind I currently have an New York State Pistol Permit The Hardest State to get an pistol permit and also, Pennsylvania License to carry Firearms She advised me that because of this arrest my application had to go to an special department within their Department for Review Now this Arrest 21 Years ago was thrown out of court not a plea deal Completely Dismissed because I Did not do it wrong place at wrong time. I tried to ask this lady questions she had no answers for me. I have NO convictions 3 Weeks ago I received my PA license No Problems So can anyone help with what to do next with Florida Im completely confused about whole thing. By the way the was Impersenation Fight broke out outside downtown nite club and, Police said i gave False name and they Charged me With that But I never even tlked to an Officer wasnt even envolved in the fight but officer said it was me and charge me with the lowest felony charge along with Obstruction Judge Threw it right out of court along with Prosicution attorney. I called Bufflao Court and went there and ask to have charge sealed and they agreed did that on Friday October 30, 2009 But What Do I do about Florida at this point. any help would be great Thanks All. Happy Halloween to everyone......
Just a Note To Above post. Total time to Complete my Florida Application 33 Days and, If I wouldnt have called them I would still be waiting for my permit no letter or anythingfrom them on this...

Took the class October 3 and had my License in my hand October 26. I had to have my prints done electronically twice or I would have had it the 21st if not for that..Mine says License not Permit..Keithmj

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