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I've read a few different views on this and wanted to see what the response was here. With a CCW permit, how can I legally carry in my vehicle? Can it be in between my seats, in the open, in a holster? Does that holster have to have a thumb break?

Without a permit one can have a loaded firearm in their vehicle as long as it is incased. This includes anything that has a lid. Glove box, car safe, zipped gun case, shoe box, ect. With a concealed permit it allows you to catty your gun concealed. So as long as it's either incased as above or concealed (on your person) you would be within the law. I'm not a lawyer but I do not believe it is legal to have the gun holstered and wedged between the seats (still visible).
I was in FL back in September and spoke with various LEO. WITH a permit, like "Kimber" said, you can have it in a case, shoe box, center console, glove box, etc. or on your person as long as the firearm is "concealed". The firearm is considered "concealed" if it cannot be seen by the casual observer. Holstered between the seats is not o.k., however if you have it holstered between the seats and have a towel, ball cap, etc. covering it from plain sight, then that would be "concealed". Be careful that a gust of wind doesn't cause the towel, ball cap, etc. from getting you into trouble. WITHOUT a permit, you can do the same with the exception of carrying anywhere on your person. Carrying in a purse, fanny pack, etc. would be considered "on your person", so be careful.

With a FL permit or one from a reciprocal state, an adult nonfelon can carry a handgun that is legally possessed however they like as long as it is concealed. Without a permit, a loaded handgun can be carried as long as it is "securely encased." This has come to mean in the glovebox, center console, a zippered case, an unlocked suitcase, or even a shoebox with a top on it, as long as a lid or cover or zipper or other device has to be undone in order to gain access to the firearm.
Makes me feel better that I don't have to ask the BG wait and let me make my 3 steps or pop the trunk. ;)
Yep gotta love Florida!! I think we rank 2nd in permits issued right behind PA

Yes, but the Hoosier state, with a population of about 6.3 million, has well over 300,000 active permits. That's about 5 percent of the entire population, and about 8 percent of the adult population. Florida and PA don't even come close, at least on a per capita basis.

Also, I can't remember where I read this or what the actual number is, but as surprising as it might sound, I believe that the PRNY actually has more active permits than any other state (obviously, NYC doesn't help contribute to that.). That's because a few upstate counties issue lifetime permits, and have been doing so since the 1960s.

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