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A date has been set up for the first annual USACARRY.COM Florida get together!

Sat Nov 14th at Tenoroc Shooting Sports & Training in Lakeland, Fl

Here is a quick run down. Or more info check their web site. Link Removed
I would like to get a rough count so email me you RSVP at [email protected] or post something here!
I will be posting some more info and details.

They will have food venders on site or you can use the picnic area and bring your own.

Pistol ranges

Two pistol ranges, each with 15 covered shooting positions. Each shooting position consists of a fixed height bench allowing shooters about 5 board feet of bench space for spotting scopes, ammo and other shooting accessories. Benches to the rear of the shooters are provided for spectators and longer gun case storage.
Rifle range
100-yard rifle range offers 24 covered shooting positions. Each shooting position consists of an adjustable height bench for right and left handed shooters as well as 10 square feet of bench space for spotting scopes, ammo and other shooting accessories. Benches to the rear of the shooters are provided for spectators and longer gun case storage.
Sporting Clays course

Fully automated with Lincoln traps and Claymate target counters. Shooters determine which targets are thrown and when by the push of a button. Individual shooters are easily accommodated through the delay mechanism built into this system. You will know at a glance how many targets you have shot during your round. (please note! This range will be available after 12:00)

Archery Range

Elevated range is the ONLY wheelchair accessible elevated range in the state. This 50-foot ramp offers you the experience of shooting from a treestand without the worry of falling out! There are multiple heights to shoot from ranging from 6 feet to almost 10 feet off the ground!

3-D walk through range consists of 20 Mkenzie 3-D targets set at various distances (up to 55 yards) in wooded and open field scenarios. Each target is placed in front of a backstop to minimize arrow loss on missed shots.

Practice range consists of two firing points shooting at paper targets at measured distances of 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards. This range is also wheelchair accessible and all shooting is done from a concrete pad. All targets are placed on covered backstops over 4 feet wide and 7 feet tall.


Daily Range Fees
Single Range - $10.00 Members - $5.00
Two Ranges - $12.00 Members - $5.00
.43 Per Target For Sporting Clays Members .30 Per Target


I was the range today and checked it out. Saturday was chosen because I thought most everyone could make it that day. The bad side is that is a busy day for them. There is a BBQ vender onsite on the weekends. I got a sample. Very good! I will be posting a form that they want filled out, that way we can fill it out ahead of time to make things go a little smoother at check in. I will be also posting a map for D/L with directions. They have restrooms and will have some tables for us to use as a meeting place. Close by is a fishing area that will be open for a $3.00 fee.

I will need a count for the owner, that way if a large number is coming she can plan for it. So say by Nov 1st let me know how many in your group.
I am sure I have not thought of everything so if there is something you think of, please post it here and I will tend to it.
I am hoping we can make this a yearly event. If we can get the attendance up. They would close it down for the day and we could have the run of the place.

More info will be coming.
You can Email at [email protected]

Thanks for taking the time and putting this together. I'm going to try and make it as well.

Here is a Link Removed for the range this is being held at.
Here are the Link Removed in the same area.. I know nothing about any of them..

This place looks interesting though.. It states they have a picnic area and provide training..
Looks like it's in the middle of no where, which might be nice..

Link Removed
Well I am not seeing a lot of interest in having a picnic! I still am hopeful that it will still come together By the Nov 1st time line......
We will have a nice day. I will bring my High Standard Supermatic and a brick of ammo for whoever wants to shoot it. Its a sweet shoting pistol. I will bring my Kimber and also a 357 if anoyone would like to shoot either one.
Well now we are rolling! It looks (at this time) like we are at around 10-12 coming. Around the 1st of Nov I will post some last minute info and directions.

Everything is coming together! I am going to be in lakeland for the weekend staying at

Suburban Extended Stay
4335 Williamstown Blvd. , Lakeland, FL, US, 33810
Phone: (863) 816-1700

If you want to get a message to me leave it there! I will be there Fri & Sat nights.
If anyone wants to come stay for the weekend, check this place out and we can have some liquid get
together's also! I am going to take my fishing stuff and check out the fishing area's that are in the same area on Sunday.

But back to the shoot. We will meet on the porch of the main building. Watch for the Florida state flag!! I will be wearing my SR9 hat so you can find me. They open at 8:00 so I will be there close to that time! I will have my cell with me so if you have any problems give me a call 772-563-4011, I have weekends free so that is not a problem. But please do not call other than that or I will give you the stink eye!:mad:

I am looking forward to meeting everyone, and I think it will be fun.

Steven :to_pick_ones_nose:
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I'm envious...would be sweet to meet some of you characters but it's a long trip to get anywhere from here in ND and I'm slated to be at Frontsight Las Vegas next month, so...Have a great time!
I called today and gave them a count, so we are all set. The weather looks like it going to be cooler so that is good also. See everyone on Saturday...
What time is everyone getting there? I'm seeing if I can get away and meet up with you guys too!

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